Painted – Renegade Heavy Weapons Teams

Goods news everyone, I have just finished my first hobby project since starting this blog, some Renegade heavy weapons teams! First are a couple of pictures while the bases were still drying. After superglue-ing some rocks onto each base, I use PVA coated in sand, and then another layer of watered down PVA to really make sure that the sand doesn’t retreat off of the base. I do think my favourite part of basing these guys was the sand bags themselves, which is a shame that Games Workshop doesn’t make a plastic sandbag sprue, I’d totally be up for a couple of those!


And from another angle:


I actually painted these in about the space of 24 hours, which is about right for my Renegades; I once painted 61 infantry men as a single batch, and thanks to the magic of drybrushing and washes it only took 3 or 4 days total. But anyway here’s this project painted up!


As you can see in the corner (and below), those cheeky extra weapons are interchangeable, so I haven’t committed to just 3 autocannons and 3 heavy bolters, I can have as many of each as I want (within reason)!


Initially I was really excited to magnetise them, especially since the little hole in the weapon stand perfectly fits a 2 x 1 mm magnet (or whatever that is in imperial), but then I realised that all I was doing was clipping off pegs to replace them with magnets to do the exact same job! Admittedly this only works for the heavy bolter and the autocannon, since the distance from the peg to the gun grips (which looks like a PSP to me) are roughly the same, whereas the lascannon is further away and the other options have completely different mounts, but fortunately I only really wanted to use those two anyway, because, oh yeah it’s tactica time!


I always find that my Renegade lists lack AA, and since I cannibalised my wyvern stormshard launchers to make some plastic Thudd Guns (more on those dirty, dirty models another time) I don’t have any Hydras to fill that gap. So I thought that a 6 man autocannon team with covenant of Tzeentch would be a good choice, although if you give them militia training they aren’t using their full BS against flyers, it still makes them much more likely to hit. As an added plus, they can also target all units with an ok BS, something which turns me off a little about Hydras when they have to snap fire at ground targets. Bonus points for realising that these weapons teams can go to ground and still fire at BS2, which is open to Aegis line abuse. At 150 points, the biggest downside I can see is that you can’t take the covenant of Tzeentch in a Renegades of Vraks list!


Heavy bolters for Renegades are really quite straight forward, with all the crazy cheap and hard hitting heavy support choices, an entire support squad feels a little wasteful when they don’t have the added bonus of anti-flyer. Therefore I’ve found that the best thing is just to add them to infantry squads, since for only 10 points they have enough shots to be worthwhile on their own, and they mesh with the infantry focus of the lasguns of the rest of the squad. Having two in a 20 man squad actually promotes them from meat shield duty to actually participating in the game. I am very tempted to try a Master of the Horde list and take three in a 30 man squad, but that way madness lies.

But there you have it, my first hobby post! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on, and I’ll try to post about all the hundreds (eek!) of models I already have finished on both. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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