Painted – Renegade Command Conversions

Hello again, I’m back with another finished hobby project! This time I wanted to fill a hole in my Renegades, an actual Arch-Demagogue model, since up until now I’ve been using my Dark Skittarii/Veteran sergeant. So I decided that I wanted to model my Demagogue to represent an Ordnance Tyrant, since that is the one I find myself using most often.


This was my first mock up, which I was actually really happy with! Obviously the aquilas needed to be ‘dealt with’, but overall I liked the artillery spotter look that the helmet and the backpack gave him, fitting for his ability to command artillery teams to fire where they otherwise can’t. Even though I loved the body, there was a serious problem …


… that he was tiny! Admittedly he looks adorable being so small compared to the infantry, but ‘adorable’ and ‘tyrant’ are at opposite ends of the Chaos spectrum, so it was back to the drawing board, which was a shame since I like the Valkyrie door gunner body a lot, but at least I can try to use it on another conversion later.


I compromised and used some generic guardsmen legs with one of the Valkyrie pilot torsos, so with that I declared this man built (after using glue instead of blu tack to hold him together). However, rummaging around my bits box really got me interested in building another unit that had really captured my imagination …


… Renegade Enforcers! For some reason the idea of these dudes really intrigues me, probably because they are Chaos Commissars, but also not. At least a Commissar gives a damn about the wider implications of their actions, but just imagine what awful things would happen when a Renegade Enforcer gets told to ‘boost moral’. I really tried to get across the different styles of each Enforcer because of the God they worship, so naturally this Khornate Enforcer leads by example, charging recklessly into combat.


Whereas this Nurglite is by far my favourite of all the models I built, he looks so imposing! I like to think that should someone try to get a response out of him, he just nods or shakes his head slowly, like a true bad-ass. On both these guys I used the breast plates from the Black Knight kit to make them looks more intimidating.

Anyway, a lick of paint onto the Ordnance Tyrant really helps him look the part. I reserve brass for commanders, vehicles, and artillery pieces, just to make them look a little more distinct. I guess for tactics, this guy belongs in a Purge detachment, using artillery for mandatory elites slots, artillery in troops, and yep, artillery in heavy support to really round it out. I’ve found that throwing in a Baneblade smooths out moral issues a treat, and gives him something to hide behind to prevent giving up Slay the Warlord.

I really loved painting the Enforcers, they are just full of personality! Curiously, I didn’t actually look at the Forgeworld models when building them, but I came to a surprisingly similar idea. I haven’t tried these guys out yet, but I think I’ll give them Power Axes, Carapace Armour (represented by the shield), and Melta bombs, which hopefully covers most of what a typical Renegade squad struggles with, combat and vehicles, whilst being reasonably durable. The biggest trouble is deciding what unit to attach them to, if only I could put them with Marauders for a 4 man Power Axe party!


So there you have it, all done! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. I want to post a little more frequently, and I have just the thing in mind, so I hope to get that up soon! Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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