Review – Khorne Lord of Skulls, 3 years on

A couple of days ago I picked up a Lord of Skulls kit, which is something that I though I would never do, for many reasons that I’ll get into later. Some of you may be wondering why I would be writing a review on this kit, 3 years after its release during the Apocalypse update. Well the reason is precisely that, the Khorne mower’s release was, unknowing to us at the time, the herald of a much greater focus on super heavies by Games Workshop, and now I think would be an interesting idea to stop and think about how the Lord of Skulls has been treated in the meantime, especially with all the 7th edition silliness, and most importantly, Knights.

Looking at the sprues, you get 4 of the ones that have the tracks on them. These were the pieces that I really wanted for my upcoming conversion (ooh, ominous statements!), but looking through them I started to realise how much of a goldmine this kit is for Chaos conversion pieces. I zoomed in on some of the choicest ones, like the rather inconspicuous piston hiding in the corner, which actually is rather a rarity. GW could make a fortune just selling conversion pieces like pistons, since they are always useful  for super heavy projects. Also of note on these sprues are the Khorne themed tracks. Obviously they are too big for anything smaller than a Baneblade, but hey if you were looking for a Blood Pact Renegade Baneblade, look no further than the Lord of Skulls kit!

There are also two more unique sprues, and looking at the first there are more incredible bits! All those armour plates are just begging to be used on a Khorne Imperial Knight conversion, and even though I have no plans to do so, just how perfectly scaled they are makes it a seriously tempting idea. In the same vein as the pistons on weird pieces you didn’t know you wanted, are the huge number of gothic vents/chimneys, similar to the ones on the Maulerfiend, but individual, which makes them far more useful. The bits that make up the belly button cannon are a surprise treat as well, I bet you could make a great Chaos Vindicator using various pieces from this kit.

The final sprue is has some good stuff on there, such as the left arm that I reckon would look pretty good with the Knight’s Thunderstrike Gauntlet mounted on the end. Drawing the waffling about bits to a close, I do want to point out one last thing, the huge waist mount in the bottom left corner of the frame. I have been looking for a piece like that forever, and at last all I needed to do was buy a £95 kit to get one!


So that’s it for the sprues, rules wise the Lord of Skulls is still a really mixed, overpriced bag. Bizarrely it  has some utterly terrifying shooting, and as ever if it gets to swing most things are toast facing it in combat. But that is exactly the issue, its WS and Initiative 3 really kill it (literally),  Imperial Knights go before it and hit it on threes. I’ve seen Acherons kill Khorne mowers when the Lord of Skulls got the charge! For something that is possessed by a Bloodthirster, that it unacceptable. The problem isn’t helped by  the fact that when Escalation came out, everyone feared the min Cultists and Lord of Skulls list, but now with Knights, Decurions, crazy formations and all sorts of other 7th ed shenanigans, the Lord of Skulls is a bit of a hollow threat these days without the BFF of Chaos Be’Lackor to help it out.

But there we are, a kit that is somehow far less than the sum of its parts! I love so many of the constituent pieces, but the finished product just is a little lackluster. Hence why I won’t be making the official finished product …

Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. I’ve gotten a hold of a Silver Tower box, so next time I will be looking at something a little more recent! Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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