Review -Silver Tower Models

I have another review for you guys (conversion posts coming up soon, I promise!), this time the much more recent Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower box. I didn’t really have any plans to pick this up, but I’m building and painting it for a friend, so why not share my thoughts with the world whilst I’m at it?


So this is what the inside looks like as soon as you open it up. I have to say the weird sprues at the top really caught me by surprise. Are they really saving any space?

These are the sprues for the enemies (denizens I think GW calls them, maybe). Like the Age of Sigmar starter set, every model in this box is the funky cookie cutter style that has replaced the awful push fit models of old. For me this is a little frustrating, since there are very few whole sections of model that could be canabalised into another model. Having said that, everything in the box is either very distinctive so converting them would be difficult, or has equivalent multi part models, so it isn’t a huge issue.

The hero/important dude sprues are all basically the character clampacks that GW has been doing over the last couple of years. The cynical part of me assumes that is so they can be sold separately, but the rational part says that they’ll only do that after at least a year.


And boom! Quick as a flash they are all built, at least it seems that way here. All the models took a couple of evenings to build, but for so many that isn’t too surprising. Honorable mentions for being a gigantic pain in the ass to build are the Dark Elf (Aelf?) characters, who have many spindle little assemblies that were quite tricky, although the award for assitry goes squarely to the Fyreslayer, who not only has a tiny little axe and horn that are separately glued on, his beard comes in several pieces!

A closer look at the heroes really highlights just how much detail there is! The Darkoath Chieftain really takes the cake in that department, although I think my personal favourite is the Dark Elf sorceress or whatever she is called.

However I do love most of the minion models much more than the heroes, since they are all  so characterful! I adore the Kairic Acolytes, which I chose to paint first, and the Tzaangors, since they really do embody the Tzeentch theme, and it is really refreshing to have a break from Khorne to focus on the other Gods. Now if they could just do a Slaanesh release…

This big boy, whom I have completely forgotten the name of, really stands out to me as the base for a Tzeentch Ogryn conversion. Unfortunately I doubt I will be attempting that, since that would require skill with green stuff I reckon, and my specialisation lies with straight kit bashing.

Building all these models, it really struck me that pretty much every model in this box is a giant compared to regular human models. I have one of my Renegade Infantry, who is a little taller than a normal Cadian because of his tall helmet, and the Warpriest dwarfs him! Speaking of Dwarves, sorry Duardin, that Fyreslayer is nearly as tall as my Renegade!


And finally my favourite model in the whole box, this little Blue Horror. Unfortunately he is quite small, so I couldn’t get a great picture, but his face is fantastic! Not quite as good as the old metal horrors that were turning themselves inside out, but better than the current ones.

But yeah that is all for just my initial impressions of the models in the Silver Tower box. I have played the game, and it is really good fun. I haven’t looked at the Age of Sigmar rules for all the stuff, but I play Khorne Bloodbound at the moment anyway so I’m not too bothered. Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Watch this space for the start of a very special project! Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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