Model Showcase – True Scale Iron Warriors Part 1

Hiya, I’m back with another conversion. Just a small one this time before I went on holiday that wasn’t as much of a huge commitment as the Warhound! I built up a true scale Dark Apostle in the style of my other true scale Iron Warrior HQ’s.

The key to this conversion are the Kataphron Battle Servitor parts, namely the breast plate and the backpack which are perfectly scaled for true scale models when combined with Chaos Terminator legs. I used Terminator arms as well, but swapped out the hand for a regular sized one. Also important to mention is that I whittled down the top of the arm where the shoulder pad attaches so that normal size Chaos shoulder pads would fit.

Here are a couple of work in progress pictures.

And this is the finished construction. Lots of parts where taken from the Chaos Knight kit (the AoS one, not Forgeworld!) like the shield, extra parts of the shoulder pads, and the top of his mace. I love that kit, and I will definitely be using it again for things like Sorcerers that having a more Chaotic look to them would suit.


A picture for scale, I always aim for that true scale butter zone where a normal human, as demonstrated here by some lovely Renegade Infantry and the Dark Apostle’s Enforcer friends, comes up the mid chest area on a Space Marine. I can’t remember which one, but I remember that being the rule of thumb in one of the books, so I always try to recreate that.

And now into my other true scale models! This is my Chaos Lord/Warsmith with Powerfist. This was my first attempt at a true scale model, who originally had some third party legs, that although were taller than regular legs, were comically skinny compared to his upper body. One Terminator leg transplant later and I think he really looks the part.

Next up is my Warpsmith, which wasn’t actually a planned model at all! The GW Warpsmith, despite being ‘fine’cast is actually one of my absolute favourite models in the entire range, so I didn’t think I would make another one after buying it a couple of years ago. Yet here we are looking at a true scale one, so clearly I don’t know myself very well! The only thing this guy lacks is a Bolt Pistol, but with all the other stuff strapped to him I don’t think that’s a problem!


This post is getting quite long, but it’s also only getting warmed up! I still have a few more true scale Iron Warriors to show you guys, so be sure to check back soon to have a gander at them! Check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on, and thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!



2 thoughts on “Model Showcase – True Scale Iron Warriors Part 1

  1. That’s a fantastic idea for building true scale Iron Warriors, and you have come up with some excellent models to boot! The Warpsmith and the guy with the mace are particularly fantastic! Consider these ideas stolen…erm seized by the Inquisition! 😉


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