Model Showcase – True Scale Iron Warriors Part 2

I’ve got the next part of my true scale showcase right here! Browsing over the pictures, there weren’t as many as I first thought, so this could be a short one unfortunately!

On a scale that is more easily mass produced, here are some regular old Chaos Space Marines. As you can see by their semi-painted glory, I haven’t used them very often. They were originally intended to be Rapier crew, but then I discovered how much better they are for Renegades than Chaos Marines. They really are just Marine parts glued onto a Blood Warrior body, but I think they work out really well. It does make me want to make an entirely true scale army, but we all know how using actual Chaos Space Marines works out…


Here’s a little scale chart if you will. The regular Marines are a little shorter than the proper true scale size, but since they are quite a bit broader then they look just fine, as that poor Renegade looks really quite scrawny next t that Iron Warrior.


And finally we have my crown jewel of true scale, Abaddon the counts as Despoiler! This guy I am a little embarrassed that he isn’t finished, but maybe I’ll get around to him soon. Compared to a normal Marine he’s practically Pimarch sized, although he might be a little too skinny for that, but I doubt anyone would say that to his face. The main parts that scale him up are the Slaughter Priest legs and the Kastelan Robot arms that I had left over from my Helfist Murderpack Helbrute conversions (just wait for them!).


Because it had to be done, here he is next to a HQ Iron Warrior. He actually uses the same scale ratio as a guardsmen to my Dark Apostle!


So there they all are, my little family of true scale Iron Warriors! Looking at these guys makes me want to make more, but I already have 100+ painted regular Iron Warriors, so I don’t think making them obsolete is a good idea, at least not right now! Check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on, and thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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