Painting – Silver Tower Models Part 1

Well it has been a little while hasn’t it? Luckily I have used that time wisely and painted quite a lot of the Silver Tower models. Let’s have a gander, shall we?

First up are the Kairic Acolytes, which I intended to have quite pale, unhealthy looking skin, but I accidentally stumbled on the most realistic paint scheme for white skin (or closest to mine at least) that I’ve tried yet. One thing that does bother me a little that my brother pointed out is that these guys are super jacked for Tzeentch cultists, which seems a little strange, but I suppose its due to gifts of Chaos or whatever.

I adore these Tzaangors! I would love for GW to release more God specific Beastmen in the future, but we all know the sad reality of what will happen. Melancholy aside, I kept to the same principle as the Acolytes, namely mostly using drybrushing and washing to get them done quickly. As with the Acolytes as well I’m sure there is a little slop, but for one days work I don’t think they came out too badly.

Blasting onward, I had a lot of fun with the various Horrors in the set. I used my paint scheme for my Daemon army (more on them another time) as the base, but modified it to make these guys quick and unique for the set. The intent was to have each type of Horror instantly recognisable by colour, which I would like to think I achieved.

Last of the baddies are the Grot Scutlings, who were refreshingly not a pain in the butt, unlike all the other stages I’ve had to work with them. Not too much special about them. Moving on…


Now we take a look at the finished heroes!

The first one I painted was the Stormcast, and although I am lukewarm about their fluff, the models are very well designed. I really enjoyed painting this guy, definitely the most fun so far. All I did for the armour was drybrush both gold highlights over the base and wash it with nuln oil, and I am very pleased with the result. I wanted to have him stand apart from the blues of the Tzeentch models, so I went with green. Unfortunately he does share that shade with the Grots, so maybe he is some kind of Grot-cast Eternal?

As I made clear in my review of the models, I don’t care for this model. I don’t think it’s anything specific, I just don’t much care for fantasy Dwarves, and I find his proportions a little too silly for liking (just look at those biceps, Jesus!), but that is all personal taste. Painting wise he wasn’t too fiddly, so that was nice.

I am biased to liking this guy, just because he is a Chaos dude. However, that liking is cemented by the fact he is a badass barbarian dude. I can’t help but look at this guy and have visions of Arnie in Conan the Barbarian. It is also very refreshing to have a Chaos model in an imposing, but passive stance. Action poses are cool, but are a little overused at the moment I reckon (on a side note, people have problems with some of the poses that female characters are drawn in, but just try and recreate some of the Blood Warrior poses! Apparently the mark of Khorne grants free physiotherapy sessions).

This has to be my favourite of the heroes. I’m not sure why, maybe its the subtle Slaanesh undertones, but there is just something very appealing about her. Also, any model that lets me break out the purple paints is a good model in my eyes.


And there we are, the current state of my Silver Tower models! I only have a handful left, but I’m sure they will take an age and a day as is the way with things. Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blogfor more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on.Hopefully I should have an update on the Warhound coming, so stay tuned for that! Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!



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