Models and Thoughts – General’s Handbook and Mounted Slaanesh Warbound

Well with a title as snappy as that, I think we should have quite a bit to talk about! We’ll start off with the conversion part shall we?

Starting off, if anyone actually follows the Tumblr blog that I plug at the end of each post but neglect, you will have seen the Mantidroth (original name, do not steal) at this stage. As soon as I saw the Magmadroth model, I knew I wanted it, but I couldn’t think about what it could be used as. However, as soon as I realised that it could the mount for a Chaos Lord, the pact was done and work had to begin.

And here he is! As you can see from the lower right picture, I magnetised all the arm options for the Lord, including the Sorcerer weapons and the Lord himself. The reason for this is, aware of my bashing of monsters in my 1st edition AoS thoughts, I was afraid of using him as a Chaos Lord and then having him not do anything, so I have the option of him being a Sorcerer Lord and still get to use the model.

The wings on the Mantidroth are pinned so that I can actually store the damn thing. The way I do this for winged beasts (such as Harpies, Hive Tyrants, etc) is to drill through from the inside of the torso into the back of the wings, and then glue the pins into the wings. I would stress that I have had the most success having the pins in the wings and not the torso, since the wings tend to shake themselves loose when the pins are in the torso.

On a much less exciting note, here is the first unit of Chaos Knights for the Mounted Slaanesh warband that I am starting work on. The concept for the army is that every unit is mounted in some way, so it’s all Horsemen, Knights, Gorebeast Chariots, and Lords. The arms on these guys are pinned, so if the glaives defy expectation and suck on the table, I can give them the ensorcelled weapons, plus they are easier to transport.


Now some filler pictures while I talk about the General’s Handbook while that is still a hot topic. I played two games, both with my Bloodbound against Stormcast, the first was 1000 points and the second 900, and I have to say they were some of the best games I’ve ever had! I think it speaks volumes about the points system that I won both times, since I have played the same match up about 15 times without points, and I have only won against Stormcasts once in all those games. On an unexpected note, the not-warlord traits and relics were a lot of fun, without being crazy powerful.


Of course it isn’t perfect, like 40k points and 8th edition points before it, the AoS points are GW’s interpretation of what is good. A perfect example is that Skullreapers are cheaper than Wrathmongers, which is definitely not the way round that it should be, and Bloodsecrators are not at least 200 points. However, this isn’t all bad. Most monsters are priced similarly to large infantry squads, which I think does reflect how powerful they actually are, and with the restrictions on the number you can bring there is a fair balance.


There we are, the start of yet another project whilst the Warhound looms down on me from my desk, but that is steadily getting done, so keep an eye out for that. Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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