List Chat – Slaanesh Mounted Army

Thought I would try something new out, mostly on account of the fact that I’ve been doing lots of building and no painting, so its really less of a choice than I’m making it sound. Anyway, I’ve got about 1200 points of Slaanesh Warriors of Ch… sorry, Slaves to Darkness, built up, so I thought I would go through it and talk about why I chose what I did.

Starting from the bottom and working up, are the Marauder Horsemen, which definitely had to have the javelins to add some ranged damage, and they actually are fairly decent. I am thinking about units of 5 with the re-roll 1’s to hit banner, so the whole unit has to die for them to definitely lose models from bravery. Right now I have 10, but that is going to be bumped up to 20 at 2,000 points. I didn’t think I would like the models that much, but the little pony men have grown on me whilst I’ve built them. The champions (doesn’t seem like the right word for Marauders) have the chariot horses for a nice little distinction.

Next up are the Chaos Knights. Nothing too special about these duders, and 5 have already been shown before. For strategery purposes, I want to have two units of 10, since they are best on the charge so I think the more the merrier (killier). Not looking forward to having to keep track of who’s pinned arms belong to who, but we’ll get very frustrated at that bridge when it comes to it.


On an even less special note, a pair of Gorebeast Chariots there be. These guys I think are either going to be brutal or deceptively rubbish. Either way I am planning to have 3 at 2,000 points as my sledgehammer unit, if they are good. That is another case for having a wizard in the army, so as to give them mystic shield to make them even tougher. I am a little scared of their bravery of 6 though, the idea of an entire chariot fleeing does not fill me with happy thoughts.


Moving swiftly forwards to the Mantidroth, I’ve already covered him in a previous post (see my General’s Handbook thoughts for that),  but to briefly reiterate I’m hoping he had take enough names to warrant staying as a Chaos Lord rather than a Sorcerer Lord.

And of course I couldn’t have an army without at least one completely different to the original model conversion. This, in case you can’t tell, is a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount. He is based on a Dark Elf Black Dragon kit, converted to be a creepy spawn thing. There are a few more things to be added to cover some gaps and joins, but this is the final ‘shape’ I’m going with. Rules wise this guy’s command ability brings the damage output of the Gorebeast Chariots, and the re-roll will make it a lot easier to get those bonus fist attacks.


And there is the whole crew together! I got a chance to play one of the battleplans with my Bloodbound the other day, and I have to say it was really good! Much better thought out than Maelstrom in 40k in my opinon. That’s all for today, be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blogfor more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. I think I  want to build the rest of my Slaanesh Warband’s foundations next. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


3 thoughts on “List Chat – Slaanesh Mounted Army

  1. Looking good! I always rather fancied an all cavalry Warriors of Chaos army myself, it’s got a nice aesthetic on the tabletop. The Lord on the Mantidroth is an absolute beast and I’m rather taken with the other demonic mount as well. Now get some paint on them! 🙂


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