Model Showcase – Chaos Lords of War

Whilst I’m painting up my cavalry, and eventually finishing the Warhound, I though I would share some of my past models before I started posting. So with all the Deathwatch hype going on, I thought it would be apt to showcase my Chaos Lords of War. Nah, it was because having the Warhound sitting on my desk keeps reminding me of them. Anyway, in chronological order of being made, my big things for Chaos!

This is Russell, or Ruskul for formal fluff occasions, my Chaos Knight. As soon as Imperial Knights came out I knew I wanted one, but it wasn’t until 7th edition was released could I actually use one legally with my Chaos Space Marines. I endured to year and a half or so of Come the Apocalypse allies, and now he sees fairly regular use as the awesomely bent Chaos Knight. The Chaos Knight rules are incredible for anyone who hasn’t tried them, a Daemon affiliation is a must have, and since most places I’ve played assume they count as a Daemon of the appropriate God, ridiculous things like 2++ re-roll invulns on all facings are possible. Personally I have only tried that once, because it simply isn’t fun to play against, normally I go for the Khorne + Armageddon legacy of ruin for a nice 4++ everywhere, which is still really powerful.

Unfortunately, now there are also Renegade Knights, so he doesn’t have all the possible weapon options, which does make me want to build another Knight to have them. On that note, I built him over 2 years ago, and although I am still very fond of him, I know I could build a far more impressive and Chaos-y Knight now. Do I hear the voices of temptation telling me to make a Chaos Knight army…

Next up is my counts as model for the Forgeworld Daemon Prince Samus, known the fluff of my circle of friends as Samruk’Thal, and to me personally as Sammy, the Sam Man, and Captain Wobbles on account of the fact the pins holding him up do render him akin to a bobble head in terms of stability. Regardless, I am really pleased with this fellow, who is made from a Mortarch, and I built him around March of this year so he is relatively recent.

Here he is next to two of my four ‘regular’ Daemon Princes, these ones are made from the Morghasts, the other two are mechanical Iron Warrior ones (we’ll get to them eventually). On the table this monster shreds Knights, having killed one that charged him in a game I played.

Last up is my Renegade Baneblade! As soon as I started Renegades I knew I needed one for the army, partly because of the rules, and mostly because it was a giant tank. I spent ages converted this thing, mostly because I had to order the tracks from eBay, and then my plastic glue ran out, but I am really happy with how the model turned out eventually, I feel I achieved the Chaos cathedral look I wanted on it.

This model also has my painted on trim that I first used on my Helbrute conversions (oh just you wait for them),  although there are some weird places here I tidied it up. It seems that the leadbelcher spray looks different on the model than the painted on colour, which is a little frustrating. Not noticeable enough to complain about, but it probably comes down to how I used it.


And one final group shot of all my big Chaos gribblies (except the Renegade guardsman). Now I just need to finish the grey behemoth and we’re gold! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blogfor more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


5 thoughts on “Model Showcase – Chaos Lords of War

  1. Once again, the sheer scope of your conversions is nothing short of baffling — I mean, that Chaos Knight is excellent, but he looks positively boring next to that crazy Samus conversion (which, it must be said, I like about a thousand times more than the somewhat underwhelming FW model). Speaking of which, while it’s a great fit for Samus (dang, now I have that chant in the back of my head again…), it really looks like a perfect representation of the Daemon called “The Ragged Knight” from Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s book “The Talon of Horus”.

    Anyway, this is rapidly turning into one of my favourite blogs at the moment! Carry on! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You should definitely read it, as it’s a great story and an excellent look at the Traitor legions relatively shortly after the Heresy. Plus you’ll likely think of your conversion when reading about the Ragged Knight 😉


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