Model Showcase – Renegade Artillery Pieces

Hey, do you remember when this blog was about Chaos Renegades, and not giant models? Me neither, but I thought I would share these models regardless, and definitely not because I don’t have anything new finished to share.


First up are the Rapier Weapons Batteries, which are really quite simple conversions from Kataphron Battle Servitors. As you can see from the colour scheme, they were made and painted for my Iron Warriors, however they see far more frequent use with my Renegades, and the two schemes are intentionally very similar for units just like this so they can be shared.

Here is a closer look at the assembly, and naturally they are magnetised for different flavours of fun! Although normally I just use them as Laser Detsroyers, since they fairly cost effective for Chaos Marines and are the only choice for Renegades, and are ludicrously under costed for them.


These are them with Cyclotrath Conversion Beamers, which although costly for Marines, are pretty good. Unfortunately I am not very happy with the actual weapons themselves, but I have come into a trio of the Dunecrawler conversion beamers, so I might look into turning those into replacements for the next batch of 3 Rapiers I have the pieces for.


And what would artillery be without crew?

Next on the list are my Thudd Guns. These again are fairly simple conversions from the Wyvern’s Stormshard Launchers (or whatever they’re called). The braces of the back are pinned, so I can take them out, enabling me to mount them in the hole they would go in for the Wyvern anyway. Now all I need to do is actually build the chassis’…


Not much else to say about the build on these models, so have another group shot to take your mind off it. Rules wise they are pretty much a must take for Renegades if you are playing competitively, are I ascribe them to be the main reason why my Renegades are yet to lose a game. The biggest problem is that I don’t have more, and with all the other projects going on the Renegades have been left behind somewhat unfortunately.

That is it for today, but there will always be more next week! I should probably think about some sort of schedule, but that would involve me having to organise the rest of my life too, so I doubt it will happen in the near future.Happily real progress is being done on the Warhound, so that could be rearing it’s face again soon! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


2 thoughts on “Model Showcase – Renegade Artillery Pieces

  1. Love the Rapier kitbash – I used to dig the original Rapiers & Thudd Guns back in the RT days – good to see they’re still kicking ass in 30k! Nice one 🙂


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