Model Showcase – Obliterator and Mutilator Conversions

While I’m not lying that there is work being done on the Warhound, we’re not quite posting levels of done at the moment, so in the meantime I dug out my Obliterator and Mutilator conversions!

As you can see, they are clearly made from Centurions, which from the moment I first saw them I was a little frustrated that GW had given Loyalists Obliterators, but once I had cleared my head I knew one day I would convert them into Oblits. What I didn’t realise at the time is that I would actually make Mutilators out of them first! For the most part they are the fusion of Centurion parts and my bits box, although the heads are from the Blightking set. I think I made these two at the time of the Nurgle end times releases, and I am actually very pleased with them. The biggest challenge was reposing the legs on one of them (I don’t remember which anymore!) and putting a spacer between the waist and the torso to give them a height boost. But the real reason I made them was to be bodyguards for…

…this guy! He is my Mutilator Lord, who in game I use as a Nurgle Lord on Palaquin! I didn’t think that being carted around on a throne carried by Nurglings was very Iron Warrior-y, maybe if they were tiny robots or something, but once I thought of a giant Chaos Lord who had been infected with an Obliterator style virus I simply had to build him! I love this model, and I don’t get to use him nearly as much as I’d like. Dipping back into rules, he is great as a Crimson Slaughter Lord, give him the stuff I mentioned above, the Daemonheart, Sigil, and a Fist Claw to really go bonkers for a 5 wound, 5 attacks, toughness 5 monster with a 2+ and a 4++ for around 200 points.


Finally we have the Obliterators, whom I made well over a year after the other three models, and I think have benefited from both my expanded bits box and skills that I acquired in that time.

I thought I would focus on each individual model more, since I put a bit more effort into making them unique, as well Obliterators should be. Unfortunately I do lack the greenstuff skills to make them truly bio-mechanical, but I like the idea that they have enough guns on them to use any weapon regardless. In fact, I’m fairly certain I made a point to have all the options represented across the entire unit.

This guy annoys be a little, since I spent ages painstakingly reposing the legs and cutting up the armour plates to match, only for the overall model not to really be that interesting pose wise. Oh well, at least the glow effect on the Plasma Cannon turned out nicely.

Last up we have this guy, who is definitely my favourite of all the Obliterators. His pose came out as I intended, and he gets massive bonus points for having what might be my favourite weapon in my entire collection: the Quad Melta on his right arm (take that Karamazov!).


And here is a nice family photo! As much as I love using all these guys on the table (including the Mutilators, and you can’t tell me otherwise, internet), I don’t think I will expand on them in the foreseeable future, the Renegades need some love first (and probably my Nids thinking about it…). On an embarrassing note, I completely forgot my Medusa Siege Guns in the Artillery post, so I might do a mini one just for them! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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