Project Warhound – Part 4 – Gubbins!

I could have sworn that I was on like part 5 or 6, but whatever, we have another installment in the thrilling Project Warhound franchise! And to mark the two month mark of how long I’ve been working on this damn thing, it’s sort of nearly built, maybe?

Straight into it, here is the new overview of the monster, and hopefully a few new things jump out at you, which I will waste no time in explaining!

Starting at the feet, the shin pads are glued on, since I realised that being able to paint behind them (like I did with both my knights) is utterly pointless when the pads are glued on in the end anyway. I also added some spiffing chains because she’s going through a goth phase a servant to Chaos, and that is simply what one does!

Moving onto the thighs, I’ve finally sorted out those horrible multi level things that are a part of the Lord of Skulls construction as being tracks. The solution was obviously plenty of cables, and this would be a good time to point out that the grey-ish ones wrapped around the pipes are bendable, which I got from Zinge Industries. I will hold off recommending them until I see how they react to paint (I gave them a good scrub to be safe anyway), but at the moment they are amazing for people who don’t use green stuff and/or don’t have access to a cable maker. The chains and the tiny pistons on the middle toes are also from them, and if all goes well this won’t be the last project to use their products.

The back of the legs have received a bit of attention as well, although these are further from finished that the rest of the lower body. Just add some of the ever handy Maulerfiend lasher tendrils, and those nasty gaps don’t look so bad.


Some more chains on the shoulder pads to tie the rest of the model in with the legs. I thought about trying to make this sound more interesting than that, but there really isn’t any more to say about chains on shoulders.

Two of the three big problems that were still to be sorted out since the last post on the Warhound were the slits on the backs of the arms (?) and the lack of anything at all on the back. Well cables come to the rescue once again, and although the back needs one or two more things, namely on the end of the spine, I think it is huge improvement. It might seem a little excessive to have so many cables on the model (and we’re not done with them yet), but I really like the look it gives the model, a sort of functional but not pretty aesthetic befitting something built by Iron Warriors (in the fluff of course, I am not insinuating I built this with a team of Chaos Marines helping me).

And onto the last, and most noticeable at a glance, change. I really agonized about what to do with the head to make it A. complete, and B. more Chaos-y. The trim was a good first step, but it really needed somethings else. I played around with lots of different pairs of horns, but nothing felt right, which I think was down to the length of the head, it looks more serpentine than bullish. Either that or I had just grown attached to the way it looked that I didn’t want to break up how streamlined it is, so taking what I learned from the Baneblade, I cut up a Defiler icon and put it on the face plate. I like the branded look it gives the model, and I am much happier with this than if I were to put a pair of horns on it. Also the cables (yay!) on the neck and the spikes coming out the torso carry on that Iron Warrior look I was talking about earlier.


One last shot of how the face plate looks now, and with that we are done! Hope you all enjoyed what turned out to be a much longer update than I thought! How about that new Chaos book, I wonder what you think of it? I personally remain pessimistic to prevent disappointment, but I think I secretly hope it’s good! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at ย renegade-girl-blogย for more sporadic updates on whatever Iโ€™m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


3 thoughts on “Project Warhound – Part 4 – Gubbins!

  1. Shaping up very nicely indeed! Can’t wait to see the weapon load-out! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, btw, I’ve used a load of zinge bits over the years – never had a problem with them taking paint once the mold release is washed off so you should be fine ๐Ÿ˜‰


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