Model Showcase – Helfist Murderpack

Oh yes. Hell yes. Helfist Murder-yes! We’re doing it baby! As you can tell, I am excited to be sharing these models with you today, my Helbrute conversions, or the Helfist Robots as I call them. A little explaining to do before we dive in; thing the first is that the premise for these guys was that I wanted to convert them all out of the Kastelan Robot kit, which I did, and thing the second; as a lifelong monster movie fan, Pacific Rim was pretty much the best thing ever, and I had always wanted to make a bunch of Jaeger style models as a result, which also got channeled into these models. Yes, that does mean they all have Jaeger style names.

I – Cylix Prime

This guy is the Helbrute Champion of the unit, and also the first one I built. Essentially it is an elongated Kastelan Robot with lots of Helbrute parts attached to it, but I love him. He came out the most humanoid, which I think enforces his status as leader of the pack. All the models are magnetised, and old Cylix here has plenty of options, which brings us to…

…his alternate builds! Of course the options can be used it whatever way is legal, but there are a few I would like to point out. The first picture is a Ferrum Infernus load out from Forgeworld, with the Destroyer of Cities upgrade for that sweet Flamestorm Cannon. The one with the cannon over the shoulder represents a more Iron Warrior-y Blastmaster for the Sonic Dreadnought, who is surprisingly good.The only thing missing that I would want to use is a Power Scourge.

II – Vinctok Beta

This one is my least favourite of them all, since he has the simplest design, in addition to being a little 2D at the waist. Happily that means I don’t feel bad about putting him up front to die first glorify Chaos! He is the result of a Sentinel transplant, and the head I had left over from my mechanical Chaos Spawn conversions (aha, teasers for more posts!). No additional options for him beyond the Plasma Cannon / Missile Launcher combo I use as the default for all my Helbrutes.

III – Triphate Retten

I hated this model when I built it, since it really didn’t come together right up to the last piece, and now I am quite fond of it. I had to have at least one really freaky design, and this is that. I feel especially pleased with his glossy dome, which hasn’t photographed very well, but makes a nice change from the others. Like Vinctok Beta, he doesn’t have any spare weapons, but I can easily make more should I want to.

IV – Vermis Delta

Now we re-enter Pacific Rim territory with Vermis Delta, who rather crazily for a mere Helbrute, takes most of his parts from a Dreadknight. He is the builkiest of all five, and definitely could pass for a Contemptor Dreadnought. Just like Cylix Prime he has lots of lovely ‘accessories’ for murder variety.

Not much to add about him that I haven’t already said for Cylix, but I am quite chuffed about using the Defiler Power Scourge mount for the cannon arm.

V – Kraed Tano

Last, and most certainly not least, is Kraed Tano. I’m going to be honest, I lied when I said they were all based off Kastelan Robots, because this guy is too batshit insane for that. His torso is the goofy front of the Skull Cannon, which I swapped for a Juggernaut on mine, so basically every part of this guy was built out of many other parts never intended for that purpose. His fists were a real headache, until I tried the gimpy little Slaughterbrute arms, and the rest was history.

Now for some scale photos to highlight how ludicrously over-sized these models are for Helbrutes. First with the Dark Vengeance Helbrute, the first model I started painting after I got back into 40k (and am yet to finish), and then a Decimator, who is often paraded around for being really big.


Well that’s it for the Helfist Robots! This is without a doubt my favourite conversion project I have finished (so far…) so many reasons, one of which being they pioneered the painted on trim that I used on my Baneblade. Anyway, I should end it here before I inevitably slide into a tangent on how amazing Pacific Rim is…

Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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