Painted – Abaddon and Dark Apostle Conversions

I know I keep promising large posts, but hey, one of these days it might come true, so don’t give up hope! Regardless, I have finished painting my true scale Abaddon and Dark Apostle in preparation for painting the Warhound, and I thought I would share them with you guys!


Here are the dastardly duo in question, I hope I don’t have to point out which is which. I am very pleased with the pair of them , especially considering I got them done over three days of casual painting! I am glad that after painting the same colour scheme for over three years I have gotten fairly quick at it!

Starting off with the Dark Apostle, there isn’t much out of the ordinary from my usual Iron Warrior colour scheme. I painted the ‘impurity’ seals (actual name for them) in skin tones to give the massively original idea they are human flesh, because all Dark Apostles are in fact descended from Hannibal Lecter. I also painted blood dripping down from the top as if the seal is in fact a piece of meat rather than wax. Lovely!


I wanted to draw particular attention to the shield, since I think it has turned out great! It is the same technique I use for all Daemon weapons, such as Abaddon’s sword (oooh, teasing), which is in reality the colour scheme I use for my Chaos Daemons (somehow I don’t think I’ve mentioned them yet). Even though I didn’t use any wet blending, it seems to mesh quite well with the metal of the shield, probably because they are fairly pale colours.

And as alluded to earlier, here is the effect on the sword. It always struck me as strange that when a Marine gets possessed, they turn into a horrible warp monster, but when a weapon does it isn’t described as getting much more than a mean attitude. Or maybe I just haven’t read the right books…

Finally here is Abaddon, or at least his doppelganger. The idea of using the Abaddon, or any named character for that matter, causes fluff anxiety in me for some reason, so I prefer to make my own versions that are similar. Therefore (warning, homebrew fluff ahead!), in the shared fluff of my gaming group, this is Lieutenant Obstidium wearing the Aether’s Wrath, a suit of terminator armour that has a Herald of each God bound into it, granting the user immense power, hence why he is used as Abaddon, at the cost of the Daemons within constantly trying to flense their very soul from their body. Amongst the Iron Warriors of this Grand Company, only Obstidium has the strength of mind to keep them at bay long enough to fight a battle. Or something like that. I am curious to know if people are actually interested in the fluff behind my models, if so please let me know, since I would be more than happy to let loose the worrying vast amount of homebrew nerdery!


Anyway, back to models, here are the freshly painted chaps next to the other finished true scale Iron Warriors. I almost forget how big they are when they put into their own little line up like this!


Happily I have this evolution of a traitor picture to remind me of their enormity! That is all from me today, hope you like these guys! Although with Traitor’s Hate proving to be alright, I am tempted to make more true scale infantry to have an entire army of giant marines! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


5 thoughts on “Painted – Abaddon and Dark Apostle Conversions

  1. Great idea to use the same scheme on your chaos daemons and daemon weapons (and if you’ve not mentioned the daemons before then a few posts to showcase them are definitely in order!) Both the new models are looking excellent (loving some of the choices of bits you’ve used) and I’ll add my vote for seeing some of your home-brewed background as well.

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