Project Warhound – Part 6 – Painting the Legs

What’s this? Two Warhound posts in a week (just)? Do not pinch yourself, dear reader, for it is true! In all honesty I am as shocked as you are, since I was not anticipating to have made as much progress painting the Warhound as I have!

First off, the entire model was sprayed black as I would do with any other model. I snapped a picture just to show how the Warhound comes apart (with magnets of course). I’m sure I could have done better, but it makes it easy enough to transport the way it is.


Here she is looking all shiny and chrome! I knew that hand painting this monster silver would make my will to live disappear to the same place that all the people who suggest a price decrease at GW go, so I saved myself the trouble and sprayed it with the Leadbelcher spray. Naturally I didn’t want to test the spray on my lovely titan, so I tested it on many other models first, namely the Baneblade and the Dark Apostle, the latter of which I sprayed black first to make sure it looks the same as if I had painted over it anyway. Despite a sore arm from all the spraying, it looks just fine! A few touch ups here and there and it is ready for painting!

I really don’t want to get bogged down in this project and feel like I am not making any progress, so I decided to paint each section to near completion individually, starting with the legs. I thought for this first post on painting the Warhound, I would use this as an opportunity to talk through how I paint my Iron Warriors in general, since despite the massive size difference, it is the exact same technique. After making sure the silver coat was even everywhere, I paint all the trim and details with Brass Scorpion. This is actually one of many mistakes with my Iron Warrior colour scheme, since only after painting two or so squads did I remember that the correct trim colour was gold, however I was already attached to it, so I’ve rolled with it ever since.

The next step is to touch up the areas that are going to be black, which is usually the places that are going to have chevrons and the shoulder pads on power armoured models. In the second picture I have marked out the lines of the hazard stripes in pencil, which is something I have only been doing in the last six months or so. Although not really that practical for smaller models, on larger areas like this it really helps out a lot. On the right side (facing the camera) used a ruler, but on the other side I eyeballed it (that is a tricky one to say).

Surprisingly for some, I then paint the stripes with Ceramite White, going over it several times to ensure a nice solid colour, and tidying up the edges with Abaddon Black. The pencil lines really are just a guide, which I ended up veering away from quite a lot on the left. Afterwards, I washed it with a generous helping of Cassandora Yellow, which the white takes on and produces an automatically shaded chevron. I go over the black as well since it would be sadistic to try and only wash to white. This technique was taught to me by my local shopkeeper way back when I started my Iron Warriors, so I don’t know how much better it looks than using yellow paints, but it serves me just fine.

After that is finished, I base paint all the cables, with Warpstone Glow and Evil Sunz Scarlett for green and red respectively.

Then the cables are layered with Moot Green and Wild Rider Red to make them pop a little bit more.

With the cables done, it is time to tidy up all the slop from the other stages, and then wash the whole model with the exception of the chevrons. This is the part that is a real pain in the backside for larger models, not just the logistics of applying to such a big thing, but also not to create puddles in the flat surfaces. I don’t think that the Warhound has fared that badly, there aren’t any areas that really stand out to me as a problem.

Once the four weeks for the wash to dry have passed, it is simply a case of edge highlighting all the metallic parts (which for Iron Warriors means everything). Now we come to the second mistake of my colour scheme, which I honestly doubt anyone would have noticed without me pointing out, and that is the silver is highlighted with the extreme layer colour, Runefang Steel, rather than Ironbreaker. With the way I paint now, it doesn’t look like a problem to me, although some of my earlier models really suffer from it (oh my poor Fire Raptor, makes me want to cry looking at it). Speaking of which, I like to have a very conservative approach to edge highlighting, only doing it from one angle and lightly, usually from the front at a 45 degree angle.

The last step for now is painting the little details, such as the flesh banner and cable casings. I keep meaning to do a post just about painting skin, so I’ll go into detail on flesh then.

This turned out to be quite a meaty post! I am going to add dirt and rust once the whole model is up to the same level, so we aren’t done with the legs yet! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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