Model Showcase – Tyranids!

I’m back, and although I know that people have been interested in my Daemons, I thought that I would show some of my non Chaos models, as hard as that is to believe, namely my Tyranids what with all the Genestealer Cult stuff going on at the moment. So without further adieu, I present for the first time here, Hive Fleet Meridian!

What would a Nid army be without gaunts? A tournament army lousy Tyranid army that’s what! Alright, I know they aren’t the best thing out there, but I love the look of hundreds of bodies swarming across the table, even if Renegades are cheaper, and I have more of them painted… Anyway these are the Termagants I have painted, and I have even more unpainted.

Typically I like to have roughly half the unit armed with Devourers, since they really are what makes the unit useful on the table. Plus they look much cooler!

I also have plenty of Hormagaunts, and as with the Termies, I have just as many unpainted. No matter what I do with Hormagaunts, I can never get them to work, it is very frustrating. I tried putting rocks on the bases of the more top heavy models, which didn’t even slightly help the situation.

Next up are my Rippers, whom I love dearly! They actually took a surprisingly long time to paint, which brings me to the colour scheme. I wanted a naturalistic look for my bugs, so I settled on a forest green for the skin, which is drybrushed on, and black carapaces. The idea was for them to be quick, but all the time I saved on the skin I put into the carapaces, so I defeated the entire point of it. Although after looking at the internet and realising it isn’t a very original colour scheme, I really like it!

Now for the reason Rippers are so awesome; you can really have fun with the bases. I tried to make each nice and distinct, to give them some character. My favourite are the Rippers swarming over the fallen Chaos banner!

Tyranid Warriors, despite not being a very well balanced unit, are a definite favourite for me, with their imposing models and massive flexibility, I really enjoy kitting these big boys out. The pile of arms are all the options I magnetised for one set of three. Painting those and all the others I have for my other unit totaled to 84 individual arms. Sometimes I hate magnets for enabling me to self harm like that.

Of course it wouldn’t be one of my armies (the fourth to be exact!) without a few conversions, so here is my Tyranid Prime model. Once again the unit itself is of dubious use, but that can be said for nearly everything in the codex, however I find it really fun, and I couldn’t resist making a super Warrior out of Zoanthrope and Hive Guard bits.


And there we are, all done! There are many more Tyranid models to show yet, such as Johnson the Dimachaeron conversion, but that will have to wait for another time! I guess the question is, will I get the Genestealer Cult book? Not until certain unnamed titans are finished that’s for sure! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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