Project Warhound – Part 7 – Finished!

No you did not read that title wrong, I am finally done with my Chaos Warhound! Wasting no time, let’s dive straight into the final work in progress pictures!

I thought I would take some pictures of how I do my painted on trim, since lots of people have complimented me on how genuine it looks, I would like to share it so hopefully others can have the same experience! First, the trim colour is painted on, them edged fully in black, tidied up, and washed. It really is that simple, the only thing afterwards is to highlight it as if it were it’s own separate piece.

Next up is the beast nearly finished, the only things missing are the weathering and glowing parts. As you can tell I wasn’t too keen on taking more pictures, since I was eager to get her done.

Here is one of the shoulder pads before and after weathering. Like I did with the rest of the model, I didn’t want to go overboard, just a little here and there to make it look like the Warhound is in a real war. I am really pleased with the effect, since it is the first time I used a sponge to apply a chipped effect.

And at long last, the finished product! A good thing too, since I am starting to run out of things to say!

The only place I let myself get carried away with the Typhus Corrosion was the feet, since something this heavy is definitely going to get caked in mud just walking.

After so much agonising at pretty much every stage, I am very relieved to have the head turn out well (in my opinion).

Naturally, to qualify as a real titan, I had to paint the interior. I even painted the internal display, not particularly well, but it is only a nice little extra anyway.


This is what I like to call the ‘Phallic Object Forest’.

You knew there were going to be gratuitous scale pictures at the end, so what better to start them off with a poor little Renegade.


Did you think I had forgotten the fluff of the Warhound? I hope you’re sitting comfortably, because I most certainly did not!

Semirach Illarion used to be a Princeps in the Titan Legion Relinquere, piloting a Warhound known as the Vessel of the Omnissiah. She and the machine spirit would become almost symbiotic in their piloting of the titan, such was her skill as a pilot. However, a crusade against the Orks gone wrong saw her supposed Space Marine allies, the Iron Claws (friend’s chapter) resort to exterminatus whilst she was still upon the planet. Wrecked beyond repair, and abandoned after the war, it was a miracle that she lived, let alone that there was enough power in the titan to sustain life support for a sinlge crew member, whom the machine spirit decided should be Semirach.

Decades went past, but still no rescue team came for her. The planet was even resettled , Imperial citizens forced to carve out a miserable existence among the shattered cities of a nuclear winter. These settlers did stumble across her, but mistook the ruined titan for a prophet of the God Emperor, enshrining the delirious ramblings of its pilot as the core of their faith. Rumours of a metallic prophet attracted the Mechanicum, who finally recovered the Vessel of the Omnissiah, taking it back to their Forge World for repairs.


However, such activity does not go unnoticed, the movement of titan carrying equipment piquing the interest of the Iron Warriors, who traced the ships back to their planet, launching a full scale assault to claim whatever interested the Mechanicum so much. Upon examining the spoils of their raid, the Chaos Space Marines were pleased to find the remains of a Warhound titan, but surprised to find its pilot still alive. Semirach Illarion was now a soured woman, her once dutiful and honourbound ways having been eroded by the relentless passage of time, the abandonment of the Imperium she had once served so completely leaving her nothing but a lust for revenge and destruction against it.

Seeing this, Warpsmith Bellackox went against his orders from Warsmith Allgemein to remove the Princeps, and integrated her brain into the networks of the titan, building an entirely new body around the frame of the wrecked Warhound. Upon completion, Semirach was free to enact her vengeance against the Imperium, casting aside her previous loyalties and titles, becoming the Vessel of the Apocalypse, bringing war in the unholy name of the Dark Gods.


Phew, I hope we all made it through both that story time and the length of this post! I hope everyone has enjoyed this project, and thank you to all the people who have commented their thoughts! I have already begun work on my next little excersion, however it is something a little different, so look out for that! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


13 thoughts on “Project Warhound – Part 7 – Finished!

  1. Ohmygod, that is so flippin’ good. Great background for a great model – she really is a tyrant! I love all the detailing in the cockpit and the subtle weathering is spot on. Magnifico.


  2. Wow this is stunning, i was watching this closely and it’s wonderful to finally see it complete. That and I play Iron Warriors as well with loads of conversions so it’s great to see someone doing the same! 😀

    Those daemon engines in for size comparison in some of the final shots of your warhound, any possibility to see more of those little guys? They look great and I’m currently at a mental roadblock for how to finish some of my own so i could use some inspiration 🙂


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