Model Showcase – Gundam Model Kit GNX 603-T

Whaaaaaat!? Something not Chaos, evil, or even Warhammer! Yes, somewhat out of the blue I know, but I have a Gundam model to show you guys today! Having finished the Warhound, I wanted to try something fresh before diving back into the endless pit of unpainted 40k and AoS models, so I figured now would be a great time to have a crack at some GunPla (Gundam Plastic Model Kit for those not into rather rubbish abbreviations). I have always been curious as to how exactly they work, what with being a kit that has articulation, and I thought why not share how I got on with my first kit!

The box is rather lovely actually, as is the case with most collectible Japanese products, it seems to be of much greater consideration than I at least am used to. It has a picture of the Mech in question from the anime, which happens to be the series I started watching, but it hasn’t appeared yet…

Next up is the instruction booklet, having a recreation of the box art with the completed figure, which is rather clever! The instructions themselves look like a nightmare, and coupled with being in Japanese I began to remember all the times I didn’t appreciate GW’s instructions. However they are actually very easy to follow, so it is just a case of being bold and diving in.

Finally are the contents that we actually want the most, the sprues, and I was amazed at having multiple colours of plastic on the same sprue! It might not have photographed very well, but the red section is actually a translucent plastic, which is even more crazy! But most incredible of all is the smallest sprue, which is made a of a flexible, rubbery material so that the joints can function properly. Also included is a sheet of stickers, but I refused to use those!

And skipping right onto the main event, here is the Gundam fully assembled. This particular kit, as is the case with most GunPla kits, is entirely push fit, so the whole model was made without a single drop of glue, and is incredibly sturdy feeling. It also allows the kit to be disassembled after construction, for ease of painting.

Which is exactly what I did! I opted to only paint the grey mechanical parts silver, and then just fill in the little details like eyes and panel lining, hoping to preserve the bold and sleek look. Afterwards the plan was to give everything a layer of ‘ardcoat for protection and a nice shine, rounding it all off with some weathering.

And here is the finished product! All in all I am very pleased with how it turned out for a first attempt at painting an articulated model! I wanted to have it look less like an ancient relic, like a certain titan, and more a well maintained military machine that has been in a few fights. I definitely went far astray from the established GunPla method of painting, but that is just my Warhammer roots getting the best of me!

Size wise it is quite decent, being 1/144 scale based on its supposed height of 19 metres it stands around 5 inches tall, which is nice actually, especially for a newbie like me, to who a 6 or 7 inch kit would be rather daunting.


I couldn’t resist some posing around, and even when painted the kit is very flexible without feeling like I am going to paint or chip it.

And here it is displaying the not-lightsabers next to a fellow Japanese Mech, although Kiryu was not a kit and I am most certainly not responsible for its fantastic paint job.

Finally, the King of the Monsters takes a pot shot! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this brief excursion into non-GW fields, I know I am in love with GunPla for one, and will certainly be getting another kit at some point. However, I will return to normal Warhammer posting next time, and I look forward to seeing you guys then! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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