Model Showcase – Boons of Chaos

It feels like it has been a long time, but it’s only been a week! I promise I am working on painting some Warhammer models, but until that is finished I will be diving back into my archive and showing you guys my Daemon Princes and Chaos Spawn!

The first of all my Princes, I made this guy way back in late 2013, and he was my first major conversion. The concept isn’t particularly original, there are plenty of mechanical Iron Warrior Princes out there, but it is such an awesome idea I had to make one of my own. Personally I am really surprised at how well he turned out, considering my limited bits box at the time, to the point at the time I thought I would never make anything better, guess I was wrong about that! The paint job on the other hand, is, well, showing its age in comparison to the other models in this showcase, but I was happy with it at the time and that’s what matters!

Next up is another mechanical Prince, this one was made less than 6 months after the first, an indicator of the lack of self control I would later develop for Daemon Princes! Although the first has a special place in my heart, I adore this model perhaps even more, for reasons I can’t put my finger on.


With the two side by side you can see how superior the paint job is on the second Prince, although I shudder to think what they would look like next to one I could paint now! I think they look great together, and rarely see the table individually these days so they really have become an inseparable pair!

On the theme of mechanical Iron Warrior stuff, here are my 40k Chaos Spawn, who, unlike the Princes, have names! Going from left to right in the second picture they are: Santa, Harold, Not Harold, and Metal Face.

The concept for the Spawn I wanted for my army was Little Daemon Engine, but since there was no fitting way to do that, I settled for a fusion of Spawn, Juggernauts, and Canoptek Wraiths, which worked far better than I envisioned.

The fluff for my Spawn is tied into my Daemon Princes, so strap in, you know what time it is!

Although a loyal servant of Chaos, Warpsmith Bellackox is disgusted by their fickle nature, that a mighty warrior may dedicate their life to the Dark Gods only to be cursed with Spawndom offended him, and as such he sought another way to obtain the power of Daemonhood without the uncertain whims of the Ruinous Powers interfering. Drawing on heretical knowledge from the the dark arts of Daemon binding, sorcery, and forging, Bellackox attempted to strip the essence of Warp spawned creatures and infusing it to a mortal with the aid of technology. 

Using mortally wounded Chaos Space Marines as test subjects, for many the last shot at immortality condemned them to become twisted monsters, to whom reason and sanity has fled. However, a precious few have contained the power imbued within them, becoming terrible inhuman demi-gods, although bound to the will of the Warpsmith that created them, free to begin a life of tyranny across both realities. But whether these creatures are truly stable is unclear, as well as if the Dark Gods will permit such audacious defiance to their rule…

More Daemon Princes! What! I thought I would throw in some more since they aren’t too special, just some ones converted out of Morghasts specifically for my Chaos Daemons. Yes, at last some coverage of my Daemons! The colour scheme isn’t particularly representative of the rest of the army, but the God colour washes and details are, such as the Red here for Khorne.

And blue for Tzeentch! I think this guy turned out better than the Khorne one, however I am very pleased with both. They have black bones because all the claws and exposed bones for the rest of the Daemons are black, which I did going for a more unnatural look.

And all the Princes gathered together in their Infernal Tetrad formation, which worryingly was the only formation I could field when the Curse of the Wulfen book came out! What’s that you say, the fluff of the other Princes? Funny you should ask…

The Daemonic Animi are immensely powerful relics, their creation shrouded in mystery. Although inanimate by themselves, those who are favoured in the eyes of the Gods may bargain for temporary dominion over the soul of a slain champion, allowing the Animi to come to life with the former warrior’s essence, bound to their master’s very soul. The immense strain of maintaining two such beings in the material realm means that only the most powerful servants of the Gods are capable of commanding the Animi, near exclusively Greater Daemons or Daemon Princes. But should they do so, then the Animi will fight for their cause, flying across the battlefield on tattered wings borne aloft by currents of the empyrean, regardless of the allegiance of the deceased warrior that gives them temporary life, Khornate or Tzeentchian, Heretic or Loyalist.

Last up is Samruk’Thal, who I have already shown off, but I thought I would share his fluff here, what with him being a Daemon Prince and all.

Samruk’Thal was a mortal during the Age of Strife, a prophet and Warlord of Khorne who led his planet in a worldwide slaughter, earning his ascension to Daemonhood. Tired of warring against mortals, he fought besides his God on the battlefields of the warp, gaining further favour and gifts in the great game. In the millennia since he left the material realm, many things have changed, and now that other Daemonic Warlords turn their gaze to the sector that was once his homeland, Samruk’Thal seeks to return to real-space to prevent being usurped in the eyes of Khorne. Far too powerful to be summoned directly, the Daemon Prince reached out the greatest smiths of the sector to forge him an avatar so that he can possess it whilst enveloping the mirror of each battlefield in the warp, plunging it into darkness and sending Psykers mad. With a new body, Samruk’Thal is ready to desecrate fresh worlds in the name of the Blood God.


Phew, this has turned into a very lengthy and fluffy post, hasn’t it? Well it has come to an end, and I guess I owe you guys after the drought of Warhammer posts recently. I hope to have something finished before next time, so watch out! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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