Painted – Gorebeast Chariots

Happy Halloween everyone! And to celebrate, here is something really scary: I finished an army!


Here is the pair of them together. Although I like how chariots look, I left them till last since I find the number of different things on a chariot a pain in the backside. However, I got them done really quickly, so I guess I should stop complaining!

The Champion got to be nice and purple, and I have enjoyed painting inverted colours across both these models.

And now his number two. These guys are brutal on the table, with the beasts potentially getting 6 attacks each that do 2 wounds, they are monsters. In my last game, just the beasts wiped and an entire Stormcast unit off the table!

Finally, the entire army assembled in one place! I am quite proud of actually finishing an entire force in the same year that I started it, for a change. This does mean I now have no excuse to plow straight into the Necrons…


Just a short post today, but I will leave you guys with a quick snap of Semirarch on holiday at the display cabinet of my local GW! That Allarielle she is next to is truly gorgeous, the picture doesn’t come close to doing it justice. Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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