Model Showcase – Astaroth Origin & Gunpla Techniques

Don’t worry, I won’t be gassing about the amazingness of Gunpla kits, instead I will be sharing the different techniques that I learnt during this project!

So as I showed you guys the other day, this is the model kit in question, and it is rather more advanced than the previous one, despite being roughly the same price.

The proof of this is that the kit has something called an inner frame, which essentially is the Terminator skeleton for the armour to be put onto. Normally only much more expensive kits have an inner frame, so I was very surprised to find that this one did. Anyway, onto the things that I learnt:

  1. Proper panel lining

I used a paint brush last time, but I got an actual Gundam marker pen this time, and it makes the world of difference. The crazy thing is that the mess can be erased using a normal rubber/eraser. The relevance of this to other hobbying practices is that I used a grey marker for white and ‘open’ lines, rather than all black, creating a softer look that really makes the model look more realistic, which could be used for layering.


2. Shading

This was something I wanted to do with the GNX, but I didn’t bother researching it. What I did was get a pencil, rub it against a file, and using a q tip apply the ‘dust’ to the areas of dark panel lining. It is really effective, and makes a huge difference. However, I was logically thinking ‘how do you stop it rubbing off’ when I first discovered this, which leads us to…


3. Top coating

This is basically like using purity seal for GW models, however it seems that the Gunpla community is far better at it than wargamers, since these are much easier to use than Purity Seal, and are used to change the aesthetics of the model. There are flat, semi-gloss, and gloss topcoats, which affect the shine in the expected ways. I read that flat should be used for rough, military looking things, and gloss for models that look like sports cars. Naturally semi-gloss covers everything in between, and is what I used this time. There are cheaper alternatives than this brand, but I would be really interested to experiment with this for GW models.

Then it was just a matter of top coating everything, and creating another forest of things!

I learnt from my mistakes last time, and went for a much more subtle approach to weathering. The top coat not only sealed everything in really nicely, but further added to the shadings subtlety, which is amazing!


Anyway, that’s it! I hope this was interesting for at least some people. I for one really want to try out the pencil shading technique on some vents or something, since it is just so simple! I have ordered some parts for the upcoming Necron army, so hopefully they will turn up and I can begin work on another unnecessarily converted army! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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