Army Showcase – Sisters of Battle – Part 1 – Infantry

What with all the Sisters of Silence hype going on recently, I thought it would be apt to did out my Sisters of Battle, the Order of the Repentant Soul (totally not because I’m using them for a game tonight or anything). I made them about two years ago, and I converted all of them out of Dark Eldar, which in light of recent events has a rather interesting consequence…

In that their armour looks really similar to the Sisters of Silence! The thigh armour in particular is practically identical! That aside, I am routinely shocked that I only have four with regular old bolters, however since I run a mechanised list, I actually don’t need any more than that. The flamers and meltas are from the Centurions kit, which makes them a little more compact for the ladies, whilst the heavy flamers are from the Chaos Vehicle sprue. In keeping with true Sisters fluff, only the Superiors are allowed helmets.

As much as I love my Canoness model, I do believe I have never given her the upgrades she is modelled with, rather opting for the regular bolter. But anyway, she is the only model in the army that doesn’t have a cut down backpack to give her some more presence.

Also fitting for the recent releases, my Sisters list uses a Culexus Assassin, who has served me very well, from instant killing an Avatar of Khaine to defeating a super cheesed up Seer Council army, he has earned his points time and time again. I worked from Abaddon Black up to Nargaroth Night to prevent him looking like a super hero, which he would have if I’d used the same colour scheme as the rest of the army.


Also I built some Servo Skulls back when I was planning to have an Inquisition detachment in the army, but after two years I don’t think that’s going to happen any more, so they have been relegated to being objective markers.

Unfortunately we now move into the section of unused models in the army. If you can’t tell already, my Sisters have a very strict list that I can use, since I am converting every model I tried to refrain from making models that won’t be used, like these Seraphim here. Despite being absolutely amazing units, they are the only thing without some form of transport or protection in the list, so they tend to get killed immediately.

And finally, lording over the unused models, is my Saint Celastine conversion. Like many people, I keep thinking that the official model has wings, so I decided that mine will. I am really pleased with her, and she holds the strong spot for one of my favourite conversions in my collection. She is made out the new(ish) plastic Archon kit, and the wings are from the Scourges, for what is actually a very simple kit bash.


That is it for infantry, so I’ll leave you with this teaser image for Part 2 – Vehicles! Make sure to check back on Sunday (fingers crossed) for that, as well as fluff and the pro strats of the list! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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