Army Showcase – Sisters of Battle – Parts 2 – Vehicles

As promised, here is the second installment of my Sisters of Battle coverage, the vehicles!

Starting off with the most basic, the humble Immolator, may it rest in peace, is the main transport of the army. Being able to mount a twin linked multi melta or heavy flamer really puts it a cut above the equivalent Space Marine Razorback in my opinion, making a legitimate threat to some things and complimenting the more aggressive needs of the unit inside being armed with flamers. The fancier looking one is the transport for the Dominions, which is a must take, enabling them to scout 12″, move 6″, and then disembark 6″, making their potentially ignores cover 4 meltas absolutely devastating on the first turn.

Next up is the workhorse of the Sisters, the auto take Exorcist. For those not in the know, for 125 points you get a Predator armoured vehicle that fires D6 S8 AP1 shots. I have two (of course), however the other remains unpainted until I had get my act together. It is an aspiration of mine to one day experience as much bliss as the organist on this model! Regardless, this is a good opportunity to share the fluff of the Order of the Repentant Soul:

Sent on a penitent crusade for forcibly obtaining ‘volunteers’ to reinforce their order from worlds they liberated, the order was punished by the Inquisition to never be allowed to reinforce about the 2,000 Battle Sisters that served at the time of exile. Following this, the Order of the Repentant Soul went into decline, their numbers falling as their Canoness felt they had failed the Emperor. However, during the defence of a Forgeworld, a new Canoness led the Order to a mighty victory against the Chaos forces assailing it, making heavy use of transports to more effectively use their low numbers, forever intertwining the art of mechanised warfare into the Order’s doctrines. With a new fire in their hearts, the Order of the Repentant Soul has quietly become more independent, recruiting above their allowed number, they enforce their own extreme brand of the Imperial faith upon all who they encounter show they be found wanting, be it xenos, heretic, or Imperial…

Now onto the interesting stuff, the Avenger Strike Fighter. Although exceedingly fragile for a flyer, it has so many guns that it is a fantastic anti flyer tool, unless of course you are using Death from the Skies, in which case weighted dice are your best choice for AA.

And finally, the big lady herself, Lilya Alheid, the Cerastus Knight Acheron, who travels with the Sisters of Battle so that she may avenge her brother, who was slain at the hands of Ruskull (my Chaos Knight, if you all remember). She dies a lot more than people think, but oh boy is the S7 AP3 Hellstorm flamer well worth the points when it gets a solid hit in.


That is it for models! The general premise of the Sisters list is units in vehicles, and in more points things like my Assassin or my Tempestus Scions get thrown into the mix too! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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