Painted – Destroyer Lord and Warriors

Hello again! It feels like a very long time since I last made a post about actual models, but never fear, for that is what I have come to show you this time around!img_2181

First up are some Necron Warrior conversions. Funnily enough these are nothing like what I had planned to do, the original concept was that they would be a sort of hybrid between Warriors and Skitarii Rangers, having the hooded heads and robes. However, due to scale disagreements, I was forced through another route, and I actually am kinda fond of these little guys. The Scarabs as heads give them a more alien feel in my opinion, and I am a little proud of the leg reposing, which was done by splicing the legs with the Tomb Blade rider legs.

They were really quite to paint thankfully, and the purple on the guns turned out really nicely. The fluff justification for them in army of giant sentient robots is that they used to people, who the Xioulantior turned into soldiers (a la Cybermen), whose brains and few vital organs that they still need are contained in the head unit. This allows the head to separate and escape should the body be destroyed, enabling it to return to the ship and survive to be sent back to battle later.

And next up is the main event, the Destroyer Lord is painted! Although he has the same basic colour scheme as all the other models, he also (obviously) has white portions to denote his commanding role in the army. That and it makes him easier to spot when playing the game, if his size wasn’t enough already! This is yet another reference to Gundams, since nearly all protagonist suits have white feature heavily in their colour schemes, so I wanted to incorporate that into my army in some way too.


Speaking of size, this guy is enormous! I know I posted some comparison images when I built him, but standing nearly at eye level with one of my Helbrutes is quite an achievement!


Lastly is a family photo of each of the unit types I have made so far. I have recently been made aware of a tournament happening in my local area at the end of January, so I really want to try and get my 1850 list built and painted for it! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


2 thoughts on “Painted – Destroyer Lord and Warriors

  1. Oh wow, I love those Necron conversions… I’m stunned that I’ve never seen that done before – it looks brilliant! Weird, alien, and creepy. Bravo! Also, 10/10 for the DL… such a cool model 🙂


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