Model Showcase – Getting Better Grades (of Gundams)

Woah, we’re going a little old-school with a mid-week post today, but with Sunday being some sort of important event, I thought I’d show you guys the Mast Grade model kits I’ve been working on recently!

First up is the Master Grade Zaku Mk 2 2.0 (rolls of the tongue…), which although wasn’t the first one that I built, is the one that I bought specifically to practice painting this new grade. Speaking of which, the difference between these two and the three I have built previously is that they have a larger scale, as well as being more detailed, articulated, having an inner frame, and lots more accessories. Generally better really. Anyway, here is the Zaku all built up, and ready for weathering.

Master grades also come with tiny to scale pilot figures (but more on them later). One last shot with the RX-78-2 Origin, who we’ll also show off later.

Here is the Zaku at various levels of nakedness. As you can see, the detail is pretty extreme on this thing, and it was an absolute blast to build.

The pilot for my new upcoming movie: The Nightmare before Reassembly.


I even painted the bullets in the rifle’s magazine!

Sorry for the picture dump, but yet again I had too much fun posing this guy and taking pictures. He also comes with another helmet which features a commander fin. The red on the lenses was done using the GW gemstone paint, which I have been discovering is really just a clear paint from other lines with a fancy name.

Next up is the RX-78-2, otherwise known as the Grandaddy Gundam in the Gunpla world, since he is the very original Gundam, so much so that he is referred to simply as ‘The Gundam’ in the original 1979 series (which both this guy and the Zaku are from, and I watched). You can really see the influence on mech designs this guy has, not just for Gundams, but in general. He has a strong G1 Optimus Prime feel, and that head reminds me too much of a Mk7 Space Marine Helmet.


After weathering the Zaku, I was confident enough to take work in progress pictures whilst working on the RX. I forgot to mention those hands come molded on a single sprue, and all you do is clip them off and massage the articulation out of them. Bandai clearly used black magic to make these things. Here he is with just some simple panel lining, looking so much better for it. But we aren’t done yet!

The inner frame for the old man.

Next up some silver scratches and dirt was put onto him. I think I went a little overboard with the knees, but other than that I was quite chuffed.

Then the graffite shading technique was applied, and this time (as well as with the Zaku) I used some make up brushes I had to apply it, since they are designed to handle powders in the first place, and it really made a big difference in the ease of application compared to the Astaroth and Mega Shiki.

Finally a Matt Top Coat was applied, the same that I used with the Zaku, and he is done! I am really pleased with how he turned out, and I am quite relieved that I hadn’t ruined this wonderful kit! The lenses and eyes were done by mixing a yellow glaze with ardcoat, and doing many, many, layers to achieve a similar look to the gemstone paints.

And here the pair are together again, with a lovely paint job! They both received a flat coat, since I wanted them to look like functional war machines that they were in the series, rather than the flying works of art that later Gundam designs would become.

And as I said earlier, here are the pilots. Out of the box they are molded in a single colour, looking rather like sweets than little people, so naturally I rose to the challenge to paint these guys. Some of them are from other Master Grades I am yet to finish, but they were a lot of fun actually!

And also oh so tiny! MG’s are in 1/100 scale, so these pilots are minuscule! Fun fact, 40k operates in around a 1/70 scale, so a Gundam in 40k size would be around 12 inches tall, the same as a Warhound!

One of the staple MG gimmicks is opening cockpits, which just adds to the awesomeness! The Zaku also has a switch under it’s backpack that allows you to swap the position of the pilot seat. Not sure why, but it is incredible for a model kit!

Speaking of gimmicks, the Zaku’s monoeye moves from left to right as you move the head, and the RX has a hidden mini gun in it’s shoulder, as well as effect parts, and an extra gun to swap out one of the beam saber holsters for. I didn’t take any pictures specifically highlighting the sliding knees and thigh armour on these kits, but it blows me away every time I see it!

Back to scale, these guys put Knights to shame, for nearly 1/3rd of the price! But seriously, it is funny to see nearly everything dwarf Russell these days. You can also see the height difference between a HG and a MG, as well as the difference between a flat and semi-gloss top  coat.


But anyway, that is the end of yet another Gunpla gush session. I’m sorry if it isn’t that interesting to you guys, but these are seriously the most amazing kits I have ever seen, and they continue to be massively enjoyable, so you can expect more in the future. For now, I want to give some love to my Necrons, so hopefully there will some fresh models built for them in the new year. Until then ,be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!



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