Model Showcase – Top 5 of 2016

After a tiny break (of like 2 weeks…), I’m back! And after seeing all sorts of ‘Top X of 2016’, I thought I’d ease myself back into things with the 5 (Warhammer) models I built during last year! I’m excluding Gunpla because I’m 90% certain that at least the top 3 spots would go to them, so lets keep thing GW for now!

5. Renegade Baneblade

Maybe I’m blowing my load a little early, but upon reviewing what I had made last year, I had well over 26 projects, so choosing just five was really tough. However, there wasn’t any doubt that the Bandeblade was going to make the cut, squeaking in at number 5. This was the first time I had really deliberately taken my time with a big scale conversion, coming back after several days to question if I really was done, and I think it really benefited from it. I have always loved Chaos Baneblades, and I am super chuffed with mine!

Honourable mention for Number 5. Renegade Enforcers

Strangely enough, I was having a tough time deciding between these little guys and the Baneblade. I do love little character conversions, and these was something very charming to me about these pint sized murder men. However, not charming enough to make the list!

4. 00 Raiser Destroyer Lord

In a year dominated by Chaos (seriously, without the Necrons I would have only built things for my various Chaos armies), this oversized Lord swept in at the end of the year to claim the number 4 position. This is the first time I tried to closely emulate something when building a model, and the satisfaction of combining two different things into something new makes this guy really special to me. He might have been higher in the list if I hadn’t already built a better model using that same goal this year (oh excitement)!

Honourable mention for Number 4. Abaddon

Rather timely with the inevitable release of a new version of Abaddon (come of GW, do it), my conversion almost made it, but with all the other true scale Chaos Marines I made this year, he didn’t stand out to me quite as much as the others on this list.

3. The Warhound

Hands up for anyone who is honestly surprised this is on the list. I don’t think I need to explain why the big girl is on the list, and I reckon she might have been higher up if I wasn’t slightly sick of looking at her for 3 months!

Honourable mention for Number 3. The Mantidroth

This guy has a lot of subjective value to me, I was going through a massive Monster Hunter phase when I made it, and with the added bonus of being purple I have a lot of affection for it, but not quite enough to push past the more rationally favoured choices thus far.

Number 2. Samus

Completing the triad of obvious choices is the big man Samus himself. I adore every bit of this guy, from the colour scheme to the imposing yet mystical figure, it feels like he leapt straight out of my imagination into reality. In a bit of self gratifying moment, I am seriously surprised how well he turned out considering I only had a vague idea of how I was going to make him. He may not see the table much, but God damn do I love him anyway!

Number 1. The Helfist Robots

Oh dear Gods no please don’t make me choose which one of my mechanical deamon babies to crown king of 2016! I had wanted to make this formation so badly ever since it came, nearing two years when I scraped these monsters together, and to finally do it in addition to the fun of building them was a fantastic experience! Crazy to think it has now been over a year since I made them last January! If I had to choose one I think it would have to be Number 4, Vermis Delta. There is something extra pleasing about him, but I love them all dearly.

Thanks for joining me on this little vanity trip, but don’t worry things will be back to normal next time, since I have already built many models this year, and I’m sure there will be plenty to come! Happy New Year, and be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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