Model Showcase – Necrons Wave 2

Two weeks after I promised new models, I have brought forth some more for your visual consumption! Since everything I do these days seems to be based around some sort of Mech, here we have some more Necrons!

Boring stuff out the way first; 10 more Necron Warriors bringing me up to the magic number of 20, allowing for both CAD and Reclamation Legion shenanigans. I put various objects on their bases in an attempt to make them distinguishable from the other squad, however it isn’t very noticeable!

Carrying on the theme of things I have already done, I made 6 more Destroyers, and the process of making 6 very involved conversions at once was quite the grind. However, they are finished now, so just 6 more to go for my planned 1850 point list. Yay. Regardless I made 3 of them in flying poses, and I am very pleased with them.

Now onto some fresh meat! Although the only converting on these guys are the heads, I think I like them a lot due to how much bulkier the models are than Warriors. These bulky boys really earn their 32mm bases, and make you wonder how people struggled to put them on 25mm’s in the first place. The Lychguard have white heads to mark them as part of the command structure of the force, and to tie them in visually with…

my Overlord! Comprised mostly of Battlesuit bits, I aimed to have him tie the two halves of the army together, having elements of both the small humanoid robo-men and the large mechanical monsters. I have bestowed upon him the name of Overseer Destron, who is the primary commander of the Xioulantior. Having fully integrated into physical circuitry, he shares the same modular head unit as the infantry, mounted upon the most cutting edge body suitable for his dual role as both warlord and ambassador to other races.

In keeping with the army’s theme of heavy Gundam inspiration, I practically stole the design of the RX, although I am starting to hope that my regular viewers will be familiar enough with the Grand Daddy Gundam to have spotted this already. They do look rather like a father and son outing together, so I will interpret that as mission accomplished.

Group shot of all the new additions all together. Arranged like this, I am actually quite impressed that I painted them all at once. Gone are the days of taking two weeks to paint 5 Iron Warriors, we are in the big leagues now!

Finally here are all my Necrons so far. I have been using these guys quite a lot at 1250 points, fitting snugly into a Decurion, and they are ludicrously brutal, tabling people with only one or two casualties. Oops. Anyway, that is all for today, lets hope it won’t be two weeks until the next post! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!




One thought on “Model Showcase – Necrons Wave 2

  1. Wow, again 🙂 These look great – I love how you’ve managed to take what can be a pretty bland army list, and made it so distinctive! It sounds like they perform superbly as well 🙂


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