Model Showcase – Gundam Wing Double Team

I’m sorry, it’s that time again where I completely ignore the fact that this is a 40k blog, and talk a little too enthusiastically about giant robots. This time it’s the MG Gundam Wing Proto Zero, which is arguably one of the most iconic Gundams of all time, considering Gundam Wing was actually shown in the West, so I would like to add ‘education’ in the tags, since this is important stuff we’re talking about today.

As usual here is the Wing Zero before I did anything, and I’m sure the most notable thing to you as well is the lack of articulated hands, instead there are interchangeable fingers. Naturally I was gutted to have to put up with this, but I’ll live, if you can call not having articulated fingers on your model kit living.

Various stages of inner frameage going on here. Unlike most of the other MG’s I’ve posted about, there are a few more pieces in the legs where the armour is part of the frame, however there is a very good reason for this, which we’ll get to later…

And hoh yes we are at the finished product already, since there is plenty to talk about with this kit! I used a semi gloss top coat this time, unlike the matt I have used for the other MG’s, because of the smoother design and mandatory 90’s bright colours. I also toned down the battle damage a bit, since it doesn’t suit the nature of the show to have a beaten up looking Gundam, what with all the late Victorian styling and emphasis on Gundams being more like dueling weapons than actual war machines like in other series.

And when in comes to hidden weapons, the Wing really brings it’s A game, with the beam saber (still totally not light sabers) handles being stored in the shoulders, and the twin mini-guns next to the head. Good thing Gundams can’t get tinnitus, right? Speaking of famous mechs with guns in their shoulders…

Here is the Wing Zero next to his Grand Dad, the RX 78-2. I was surprised to see the height difference between them, since they are both 1/100 scale, and it is such a minor thing. This is the reason why the Wing doesn’t get articulated fingers, since they would be too fragile, even for a Gundam model kit.

But wait, there’s more! Like all popular Japanese robots after the 1984 Transformers revolution, the Wing Zero transforms into, er, something. I know it’s a jet really, and I actually dig the idea of this thing, since it is identical to the show, and makes perfect sense as the Wing isn’t trying to disguise itself, the purpose of this mode is to be more streamlined for extra fastitude. The transformation is relatively simple, but the shin mechanics are why the inner frame has some armour on it.

What’s that I see? A new Necron doppleganger of this fabulous mobile suit? You bet it is! This is a sneaky peek at the first of my two Doom Scythe conversions, and while not absolutely final, I thought I’d show it next to the Gundam I based it on!


That’s all for today folks, I hope you enjoyed finally seeing a new model, and hopefully I will have a sibling for him soon! Anyone who wants to be ready for next lesson might want to google ‘Thunderbolt Gundam’ for the next conversion induced migraine I will be having!  Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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