Model Showcase – Doom Scythe Duo

What up? So as I hinted at last week, I was going to make another Doom Scythe Gundam conversion thing, and indeed I have! Those of you who did your homework will already know that it is based off of the Thunderbolt Gundam, which is an evil piece of work, but for those who didn’t, here is a reminder:

Image result for mg thunderbolt

The key elements to copy draw inspiration from are the quadruple shields and the extra armour, which I made the focus of the conversion. Without further adieu, here is the Thunderscythe, or Doombolt, or whatever!

As you can see, he is a little busier looking than his brother, with extra armour panels on the legs and torso area, as well as the Thunderbolt’s shields. Considering how badly it could have gone, I think he doesn’t look too overcrowded!

Speaking of that other thing I made the other week, here are the two of them together, looking rather formidable! I have already used them in a game, and they exceeded my expectations, which is always a relief to not have wasted effort on a pants unit.


I haven’t changed much on the Wing Zero from last week, only the verniers on the back of the legs, since I wasn’t feeling the tesla carbines.

Both of them have the counts as Death Ray weapon magnetized so they can be swapped out for these non-harmful generic lighty thingies for when they want to cosplay as a poor excuse for Night Scythes. I like to think they are teleport beacons of some description, but I reckon there are probably better ways to apply that sort of tech than strapping it to a giant flying murder bot.

Now for a closer look at the Wing Zero since it is complete at last!

It occurs to me at this point that you could be forgiven for thinking they didn’t have faces, so I wanted to confirm that they did, however they are very difficult to photograph! That’s all for now, I have already made progress on the bases for these two, so expect a progress report next week! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at  renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!



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