Model Showcase – Finished Doom Scythes!

Well hello there. It certainly has been a while, hasn’t it? I hope you aren’t too offended by this, but you really are the only one that I want to share this with, so sit back and don’t be afraid of staring at my pair of PAINTED DOOM SCYTHES. Control your erections, for its about to get steamy in here.

Boom, there they are, done and dusted. No foreplay or anything. Sorry, I promise to stop this oddly sexual post, and get back to normal. They took a little bit, but I have finished the big boys, and lets have a good old gander.

As you should all be aware of, I like to add a pinch of Gundam inspired colour scheme to the more important models in this army, so for these guys I decided to go four levels of nerdery deep by having:

  1. 40k models
  2. Based on Gundams
  3. Painted like the Gundam Mk 2
  4. Titans colours!

The included pictures are of a stage before layering where they were really the spitting image of the old evil Mk 2.

By now you are probably very familiar with these models, so one last spin before they disappear into some dusty corner for all eternity.

I did paint the little glowing thingies for optional Night Scythe action, although I am not particularly pleased with them. Guess I’ll just have to use them as Doom Scythes more often then.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I actually like to put some sort of effort into the bases of my models, so here is a rare example of just that. Most of these pieces are from the large model basing kit from GW, which is actually pretty class.


The Doom Scythe Zero with his father the MG Wing Zero…


… and the Doom Scythe Thu – Oh dear. This won’t end well, will it?


Well there we are, all finished! Hopefully the next post won’t be 3 weeks after this one, although I am done being optimistic about that. Be sure to check out my Tumblr at renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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