Model Showcase – MG GP01

I know that from the ending of the last blog post it may have looked like I was going to be working on the MG Gundam Thunderbolt, but I am nothing if not unpredictable, and I have instead built and weathered the Master Grade Rx-78GP01, but his friends call him GP01.

As per usual, here is the GP01 before I did anything to it. As an older master grade (like really old, nearly older than me old!) he is missing a whole bunch of little details, but he still looks ok just snapped together.

Being in the show essentially a modified version of the RX-78-2, the GP01 (jesus, please just give them names) has a core fighter, which houses the pilot and transforms into the middle of the Gundam, but more on that later.


Yet another sign of his age is that this is all the inner frame he has. Please, don’t mock his only party trick being to remove his trousers, he is special in his own way. Maybe.

And then he was done! This is why I wanted this kit despite its age and the impact that has on things like articulation; he looks like rad as all dads!

“GP01, you son of a bitch!” Anyway, here he is next to his Daddy, the Grand-daddy Gundam (don’t think about it too much), and I really like how the GP01 looks like a futuristic version of the original, whilst still retaining all the key features that distinguish him as a Gundam.

As far as painting goes, this is the most I’ve ever done on a Gundam model kit, the yellow, clear green, red on the lens, thrusters and knees, as well as the grey on the inside of the shield are all things I had to add. The shield also houses the spare removable ammo packs for the beam rifle.

For gimmicks, he has multiple flavours of opening cockpit, spare hands, a flip down shield (which truthfully is a little underwhelming), and incredibly rudimentary knee shifting armour.

But then there was also a tiny little plane inside him all along! I don’t know why this thing is so cute to me, but this mini jet is quite a nice little touch, that redeems some of the kits less subtle flaws for me.

Why not end on some good old fashioned Zaku abuse? I hope you have enjoyed another little foray into the world of Gundam, which I think might continue for a little while, seeing as I am working on the Gundam Mk2 at the moment, with at least 4 others I need to work on at some point. Eventually I will come back to 40k, but I just feel like doing gunpla for now. Be sure to check out my Tumblr at renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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