Model Showcase – MG Gundam Mk 2, 2.0 (AEUG Colours)

What is going down in funky town? I am not entirely sure, but what I do know is that I have finished working on the MG Gundam Mk 2, who is a hot slice of awesome. So, if it isn’t going to be a problem, I would like to share him with y’all.

Here is the Mk 2 before I did anything to him. As some of you regulars might notice, he is a different colour to the picture of the Mk 2 I based the Doom Scythes on, but that is because in the show it is from, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, a group called the Titans develops the Mk 2, only for it to be stolen by the good guys of the show the AEUG, who repaint it into more traditional Gundam colours.

Normally I don’t talk to much about the build of these Gundam model kits, since there isn’t too they can be compared to, but this kit is even more different, since it features chromed pistons and a long piece of rope like cloth that you cut into sections and use as cables. All of this is totally unnecessary but makes the kit feel more unique and special, like what my Mum told me I was.

Like with the GP01, there are quite a few areas that I wanted to paint, and this time I remembered to take pictures of them before I started working on it proper, such as the eyes, vents, thrusters, and a big patch on the shield. It should probably be mentioned that you are given stickers for most of these, but I am a purest wierdo who wants their tiny plastic robots to be perfect.

Lastly, the AEUG colours version of this kit comes with this little replica of a dock inside the spaceship where repairs are made on the mobile suits. It really is only interesting to someone like me who gets excited over little details like this, but not enough to take pictures with the kit on top of it. To clarify, we aren’t going to see this again during this post.

Mid way through the weathering process, and I have the Mk 2 in its birthday suit. Something I have never seen before is that the inner frame is this weird lavender colour, which matches the show, but is different to every other kit I have built. As a result, I didn’t dry brush it silver like I usually do.

Bosh, done! I went for sponging on the battle damage, and I think it looks way better than straight dry-brushing. Anyway, let’s move on since we have much to cover.

These are most of the areas that I painted after all is said and done. I think I have an odd fetish for dirt on shields though, which I may or may not have to notify neighbours to when I move.

For gimmick he has the usual suspects, as well as the return of the sliding shield from the GP01, but this time way better because of the rail it slides along. Well worth mentioning is the mental moving leg armour, since there are not less than 4 pieces that shift when you bend the knee: the thigh, the knee, a tiny piece below the knee, and the front of the shin armour. I goddamn love it.

For accessories he has the generic gun, hyper bazooka (the hyper means it’s Japanese), and shield, but then he has a head unit that has vulcans in it, because for some reason the Mk 2 removed the inbuilt vulcans only for them to be strapped back on. There are also additional ammo packs for each weapon, and rather satisfyingly all of the weapons can be stored of the Mk 2 at once.

Does he have beam sabers? Yeah, yeah he does.


The backpack is really the Mk 2’s distinguishing feature, which the handles come away from.

The articulation of this guy is really great, and was one the earlier ‘super articulated’ gunpla kits, from the ancient year of 2005.

The Mk 2 is oddly tall, standing much taller than his Mk 1 counterpart, the RX-78-2. I love the design differences, especially when you read into the real life history of this guy. The story goes that in the 6 or so years between the original show that the RX was in and the second show, Zeta, that the Mk 2 was in, the director, something Tomino, developed a pretty serious depression, which is responsible for the very dark and mean spirited tone of Zeta, and can be seen in the rather spiteful look of the Mk 2 compared to the cheery RX.

And GP01 is also there. Anyone wondering how GP01 could be developed before something called the Mk 2, it is because GP01’s show, Stardust Memory, came after Zeta, but was set before it, so there was some fanangaling going on between real life continuity and in universe continuity.


My UC Gundam family as it stands right now. I have to say, as much as the similar colour colour scheme is a little uninspiring, I am loving building up the various versions of the UC G man.

Just in case you forgot, I do own non-Gundam master grades, such as this Gelgoog, for mandatory action poses.


Wow, that was a lot of writing about one little model kit, wasn’t it? I hope you at least tried to enjoy it, since I will unfortunately be on holiday next week, so I am unlikely to be able to write a post. But then I will be back! Be sure to check out my Tumblr at renegade-girl-blog for more sporadic updates on whatever I’m working on. Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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