Thoughts – Salute 2017 and New 40k!

Woah, that was longer than anticipated! Somehow I was totally prepared, had a backlog of things to post, went to a convention, and then bloody GW decided to turn 40k upside down so I had to rethink my schedule! As the title says, I went to Salute 2017 on Saturday, for those not in the know it is a huge wargaming convention held in London every year, with my brother, and I thought I’d take some pictures! WARNING: FUCKLOADS OF PICTURES AHEAD

Queuing outside!

Theme 1: Cosplay

Unfortunately my on the fly camera skills need some work, but there was a surprising amount of cosplay going on. I missed taking a picture of someone dressed as soldier 76 from Overwatch, but he was probably at the wrong con anyway!

Theme 2: Warhammer

I thought I’d get the boring and familiar out the way early, since although the actual GW presence was fairly small (probably fearing for their life after the new 40k email went out in the afternoon), various GW models were pretty evenly smattered throughout.

Theme 3: Star Wars

I didn’t feel particularly bothered to photograph Star Wars stuff, but there was this great demo game based around the climax of Rogue One! On a side note, X-Wing is absolutlely everywhere! Seriously, more stands were selling it than 40k!

Theme 4: Other licensed stuffs

There was more, but I was pretty exhausted of seeing Halo and Star Wars that I ended up tuning it out. I did snap some pics of the AvP mini’s, which tempts the part of me that loved Alien as a teenager, but as with loads of stuff of Salute, it looked cool but I had no idea what I would do with it!

Theme 5: Giant Spaceship!

I think this was advertising Dropfleet Commander, who I swear the team for that didn’t show up until the afternoon, and it is so big that I thought it deserved it’s own spot!

Theme 6: Lions, Tigers, and Enormous Dragons, Oh My!

So many monsters! It was at this point that I really wished I could use these models for stuff in Sigmar and 40k, but alas I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything expensive! Seriously, these were the highlight of the con for me, since I love seeing beautifully sculpted gribblies!

Theme 7: Giant Robots!

Everyone loves robots. Wargamers have a goddamn fetish for robots it seems. I was pleased to see them, and had great fun seeing the different influences they had taken for each company; from the clunky more Robocop universe styled ones, the generic modern sci-fi hyper detailed ones, to even a few graceful, sleek Gundam ones. I wish I had the heart (and bank account) to buy them all.

Theme 8: WW2, but with mechs!

I didn’t take pictures of one or two more of these sorts of game systems, but mechs in WW2 was definitely the most prevalent niche sub genre of game. I can see why, since historical wargaming was almost bigger than fantasy and sci-fi put together at Salute, so combing these things was sure to be a winner! And really obvious.

Thew, I think that’s it! Sorry for the picture dump, but I just don’t have the time to comb through them all individually. To sum up Salute, as someone who is only really interested in 40k these days, it was really cool to look at all the other stuff out there, but I wasn’t that bothered about it. On a side note, it is interesting to note that Warmahordes was only being sold at one stand, which I thought rather odd.

The Haul!


I did still get some stuff though! In the goody bag I got these things, which I can safetly say will never be built!


I picked up two sets of these generic little sci-fi men for some Renegade conversions, as well as some dice and a dice bag (exciting!).

And I also got these two boxes, again for parts, from a very enthusiastic young company. Although, there is something a little familiar about those covers…


I won’t tell if you don’t.

But anyway, speaking of divisive things regarding 40k, the news then? I don’t want to go into depth about it, but I wanted to share my thoughts, even if you don’t want me to. I personally am encouraged by the new, proactive, community oriented approach that GW is taking, and I think I sort of trust them with this. Erasing all past rules makes to most sense to me, since every new edition has had to deal with the hangover of the past, which always is frustrating. I know it feels shitty to have new stuff invalidated, but I hope this pays off in the long run. I do however, have two concerns:

  1. Listening too closely to the community. I think it is no mystery that the 40k community can be a pretty crappy place, with everyone whining about their least favourite ‘game breaking’ rules and units. I hope GW doesn’t go too far the other way in actually taking all the moaning into account, and give us a wishy washy mass appeal game that attempts to keep everyone happy, but loses all semblance of style and flavour.
  2. New units. Having gone throught this sort of thing with Sigmar, there was a ‘golden period’ where there only the rewritten rules for units, and it was fun. There weren’t that many crazy powerful combinations, and it felt like a level playing field. Now in AoS it is dominated by the new factions, who really are a cut above the old ones and will mop the floor with fantasy units, even with a points system. Please don’t do the same with 40k

Any way I am done, sorry for walls of pictures and then text. Thanks for yadda yadda something about an AA pun, I’ll see you at the end of the week!


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