Model Showcase – Pilot Party and SD Sinanju

Unfortunately I only have a little post lined up for today, but fortunately that is a pun on two levels, and you didn’t even know it! First up on our tiny agenda is another batch of pilot figures for my various master grades, ranging from ones I built months ago but haven’t gotten around to weathering, to ones I finished today!

Before and after! There were loads more this time, and I think the novelty of multiple colour schemes well and truly wears off when you have to juggle 8 at once! So, going from left to right on the top row, we have: Full Frontal (don’t google his name), Zechs Marquis, Milliardo Peacecraft (yes really), Heero Yuy, Kamille Bidan, Kou Uraki, Banagher Links, and two random jerk offs who go with the plinth I totally showed off with the Gundam Mk 2.

First up is Heero with the Gundam Wing Zero, in all of its 90’s coloured glory.

Then there’s Kamille (in Japanese his name is Kamiru, oh how I shouldn’t laugh) with the Gundam Mk 2. In actuality there could have been like 4 potential characters here, but I just assume it’s the Mk 2’s original owner.

And finally Ensign Uraki, whom I did not bother to paint the seated pilot in the core fighter. For some reason he looks particularly tiny in front of GP01.


But what about this tiny Full Frontal (don’t google it)? Where is his mobile suit? I don’t know about the master grade, but I did pick up a Super Deformed kit of it, the Sinanju.


For those unfamiliar with SD kits (which I imagine is most of you), they are basically cutesy versions of the giant war machines we (by which I mean I) know and love. Think Pop Vinyls, but with a soul since they aren’t homogenized and thus retain the charm of the source design. As you can see here, it is pretty much the opposite of my native master grade, weighing in at a whopping four sprues!

No joke, it took me just 15 minutes to build this little fella, included clipping off and tidying up the pieces! As you can see, SD kits are essentially void of colour separation, instead relying on stickers, which as per usual I immediately declared heretical and threw back into the box, opting instead to paint it all.

Blammo, he is done! It was actually really refreshing to work on something that didn’t take an entire week, although painting the white was really hard work!


The lil ‘Nanju is suitably diminutive, which is ironic since the Sinanju is in reality (or as close as the show counts as) a behemoth of a mobile suit, but then again SD kits do not obey any sort of scale, so that essential means IT HAS NO RULES, SCREW YOU MUM!

Being essentially a novelty item, posability is borderline non existent, but I did manage to eek out a solid Char kick out of it.


But the real reason I bought this kit was to test out the gold, but I wonder what for? Better check in next week to find out! Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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