Model Showcase – Sergeant Justice!

So in the show Mobile Suit Gundam Doubl… wait a minute, we aren’t talking about Gundam this week! Praise the Dark Gods, for it is a Christmas miracle! The occasion needed to drag my slacking ass back into 40k was a friend’s birthday, and although I know he would have been happy with anything Space Marine related (yes he is that member of the gaming group), I really wanted to do something special for him, so I decided to bust out the old conversion tools and get to work!

With a build up like that you would have thought I was making him an Imperial Knight out of Dreadnoughts or something, but no, just a plain ol’ Space Marine Captain. However, seeing as I have made a fair few true scale Marine type laddies in the past, I thought I would take this opportunity to test out an idea I had awhile back, slicing together a Terminator with a Retributor for a bit of a height boost.


The finished build was rather plainer than I had envisioned, as you can see in the background with all the Ad Mech parts lying around, there were many ideas thrown around, like giving him 3 arms and a non Space Marine head for a sort of creepy super mercenary vibe, but in the end I just gave an went for the classic Termi hero look. I actually was saved the guilt of giving him a crap loadout, what with 8th ed promising to make the Storm Bolter and Power Sword combo cool again! Get hype!

In the stealthiest move ever, I asked my friend about his favourite colour, which he replied was light blue. Oh. Then I asked for his favourite combination of colours, which he replied was black and white. Not really giving me the most exciting pallet to work with, especially since I had visions of doing candy purple or something, nevertheless I was determined to do something cool with it, so I gave the model this distribution of colours, which I’m sure is an official chapter somewhere, but my 40k lore skills have faded to the point where I am really not that bothered.

But then I took really dodgy pictures to demonstrate that he was not glossy! Oh yes, gunpla has made me obsessed with shiny things, so I used ‘Ardcoat on the white and black to give him a tasty sheen.


In the middle of painting this guy, I realised the distribution of red and blue, with black and white in the middle, gave him a strong cop vibe. So combined with the pre-existing idea of combining my friend’s love for humanitarian chapters, the model was christened Sergeant Justice! Bonus points to anyone who knows where I stole that name from!

And then the Sarge was finished! All in all I didn’t have that much time to make and paint this guy, in total about three days, so I was well chuffed to have him done, and actually look quite nice to boot!

Although he may not have requested it, I couldn’t resist doing some sort of candy effect on this model, so in addition to the cameras, I blinged up the Storm Bolter! Unlike the cameras, which were the GW approved Stormhost Silver followed by the clear red, I used Leadbelcher as the base for the gun, giving it a really nice rich red, which looks way better for armour. 30k Thousand Sons players, you know what to do with this information!


I think he is just a gnats whisker too short to qualify for true scale, but he is close enough! And now, the moment you have all been waiting for!

Tinmar Liberai was born to a poor family on the hive world of Multus, and at a young age he was sold to underhive slavers by his parents so that they might stave off starvation for a little while longer. Although Tinmar could not forgive them, he understood how desperate their situation was, coming to hate the unfair conditions and meager pay they endured than, more than their actions.

In his time with the slavers, he saw a great many people forced into a life of crime through similar circumstances, but he also saw the humanity behind their actions. Trained to fight for his master’s amusement, Tinmar excelled, vowing that eventually he would break free of his bonds and bring his fellows with him to a better life, free of injustice and misery.

However, when a Space Marine chapter came to Multus to purge it of a heretical uprising, his talent for fighting at such a young age was noticed, and he was taken in to become a Space Marine. Although he forgot his home world and the people who lived on it through the long years that followed, the strong sense of right and wrong only intensified, sculpting him into a noble warrior.

But the strength of a single warrior could not save his chapter from destruction, as battle after battle ground down their resources and manpower, until eventually, now Captain Tinmar was the sole survivor of this once mighty force. Unswayed by the loss of his brothers, he resolved that he must undertake a solitary crusade to make the galaxy a better, fairer place, free of injustice. Taking his serfs and armaments, he traveled across the Imperium to bring an end to all that crushed the human spirit.

On countless worlds, tales of a single Space Marine coming down and helping out with seemingly insignificant issues that the administration had not given any thought to in millenia sprang up, such as mediating disputes over unsafe working conditions, setting up sustainable pension funds so that citizens didn’t have to work themselves to death, and teaching pre-conscription age civilians about the dangers of chem use. Unaware of the true name and rank of this fearless knight of justice, many systems adopted the name that so many others had, referring to him only as: Sergeant Justice.

And so Tinmar’s crusade goes on, as Sergeant Justice knows that he may never rest, for so long as the Imperium exists, there will always be a mother forced to work without leave to tend to her child, or a factory shift worker made to do overtime without sufficient reimbursement, and only he has the strength and perseverance to ensure these heresies against humanity are destroyed.

I expect the call from Games Workshop to work on the official campaign book for this guy to come any day now.


Anyway, just a little one today, which hopefully may lessen the sting that unfortunately I won’t be able to bring you guys the kit I had planned next week, owing to me having ruined it. But there will be something else! Maybe, I hope, we’ll see. Regardless, thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!



One thought on “Model Showcase – Sergeant Justice!

  1. Woop! Woop!
    He’s really cool! The glossy bits and the metalic red on the storm bolter look amazing – I can’t help thinking you missed a trick by not doing one of the top lights blue though 😉


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