Model Showcase – HG Schwalbe Graze

Happy 8th edition release weekend everyone! To celebrate, I thought we would do something different, and take a look at the most recent symptom of my unhealthy gunpla addiction. I know, exciting, right? This time it’s the Schwalbe Graze, who you may remember as being the proud owner of the unpronounceable gleipnir!


Snapped together and what he comes with out the box.

Remember the MS option sets I was talking about last time? In the same box as the lovely smooth bore cannon, you get this wicked sick lance for the Schwalbe Graze. The only problem is that the lance is meant to be white. You know, not the colour the entire thing is molded in. Dammit Bandai.

Just like the Sinanju, I got the impression that this thing was lacking a little colour in the thrusters, in addition to all the other things like eyes. The stickers for this kit weren’t as offensive as the Barbatos, but we are still going to ignore them.


This guy is a high mobility variant of the standard Graze frame, which at the time I built it I didn’t own, and as such has a full inner frame, which helps me try to forget the pain of my true love, senpai master grade.

I used a similar idea to the Barbatos when it came to painting the Schwalbe Graze, but this time the entire thing had the primer chipping, which is where we are at this stage.

I don’t know why I always take pictures of the top coated inner frame, but tradition demands it, so I am powerless to deny it! At this point I would like to mention I totally dig the high heels, and respect the Schwalbe Graze’s bravery for wearing what it wants.

Schwa-bam, finished! The chipping is a lot less pronounced than on the Barbatos, but I have to say that works better thematically; looks like it’s just been a rough fight rather than used as an ashtray and thrown down the stairs repeatedly for 300 years. The yellow in the thrusters really gives me a strong Kampfer vibe, and a more prepared blogger would have been bothered to get said Kampfer out of the cabinet to show the similarities.

I really like the head on this design, it has like three faces! One of which is inside the head, and in the show they dramatically reveal it constantly, but never explain what it is for, so I had to look it up on the wiki, where I learnt that it is used for long range and precise actions. So glasses, I have a mobile suit with glasses.

For accessories (which allows me to show off my new stands), he comes with the standard Graze machine gun and axe, continuing the IBO theme of heavy lumpy things. But really, who cares about that, when you can have…

The gleipnir! This thing is actually kind of a pain, since the bendy wire is hopeless at holding the weight of it. It’s not impossible, just difficult enough for you to start contemplating just how much you really want that pose whilst you do it.

The lance comes in two parts, one SMG like gun for dual wielding fun times, and then the lance which clips on underneath, and that is definitely how I am going to have him displayed at all times.


A little like this, but with better lighting.


Oh no! What happened? A terrible tragedy involving the frequently popping off waist joint? Or is it a teaser for next week! Damn that was smooth, thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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