Model Showcase – HG Grimgerde

I would promise to not make this fortnightly post thing a thing, but at the moment like is busy practicing it’s curve ball throw, so, alas, I cannot. But, that does mean that gives me more time to work of things in the meantime, so let’s dive into that latest finished kit of mine, the High Grade Grimgerde from Iron Blooded Orphans!

I feel like a missed some sort of memo to wear knight themed fancy dress when looking at this guy. Maybe the Grimgerde just loves Dark Souls in the same way the Barbatos loves Monster Hunter. Compared to the other IBO HG’s I’ve done, he is relatively light on accessories, but he has exactly what he needs and not a drop more!

Something that really becomes apparent after building the kit, is just how poseable he is! It’s nuts, like so good I feel like I’ve done him an injustice in every picture by not pushing for better. But trust he, he moves like a bad girl!

But alas, being in the HG club, there is much painting to be done. Nothing catastrophic, just little details here and there.

Grimgerde lets us all down by not having a perfect inner frame, he has to cheat and has wrist warmers on at all times. Shame on you Grimgerde, wrist warmers need to left well alone.

Like the Schwalbe Graze, I started the chipping off with a light grey for the primer…

And then moved onto a matching (or as close as I could get) colour to the inner frame. Although I was pleased that it didn’t take absolutely ages like the past two, something feels off about the Grimgerde to me…

The inner frame twirl that I am not sure why I keep doing.

One thing that really had to be done was repainting the swords. You see, with Bandai kits there are two ways they do gold, the first of which is electro plating the runners with a gorgeous, shiny gold, that is a real joy to look at. The other option is a cheap, injection plastic colour that evokes the phrase, “eh, it’ll do”. On HG’s you get the second option, so I painted them black and did a few layers of Retributor Armour, followed by a flat top coat, and I am very pleased with the results!

Oh boy, the difficult-to-place-shade-of-red knight is done! I think this legally qualifies this post as tying into the new Transformers move actually.


As far as gimmicks go, the Grimgerde is only packing a slide down (and by slide, I mean pull it off and put it back on lower) face grill, but I far prefer it up, so this is literally the only time I have ever bothered to do it. You’re welcome!

I do have a soft spot for twin swords. A small part feels like everything will be alright when there is a tiny plastic roboman with equally tiny plastic daggers in front of me.

The crusade to do his articulation justice continues.


So that’s the Grimgerde, another stunning addition to the HG IBO line up, and easily one of the best kits I’ve ever built. Shame I don’t seem to be able to find much to talk about though. Wonder if I have another kit to try and say more about…


Oh God. Maybe. Look forward to HG IBO kits for the next 3 months, so until the… but wait! What is that in the distance!


ARGH! A 40k kit! What is this, and what could it possibly be for? Well, tune in next time and find out! Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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