Project Eva – Part 2 – Unit 00 & Unit 02

I know what you’re thinking. There is no way that in a week I have built two more Unights, but that is where you’re wrong! Introducing, batch building titanic models!

Remember how the first time around, I spent a good few days figuring out exactly how Unit 01 was going to fit together? Well now that I don’t have to worry about being creative or anything, I churned out the base pieces in the first night!


At the end of day two, and we have standing models! It doesn’t come up that well in pictures, but Unit 02 (on the right) ended up at a slightly wonky angle, which still infuriates me a tiny bit.


Day three, and the handguns/rifles are all built up, and we have arms and pylons! There was something very satisfying about knowing what I was actually doing this time, without floundering around for hours on end for one tiny piece to fill a certain gap.

The main difference between the Eva’s in the show/films, aside from the colours, are the heads. Much like Unight 01, I spent pretty much the whole build session of the fourth day figuring out the heads of these models. But in the end, I feel equally as pleased with the results, focusing on the signature parts of each one, ie the monoeye and the quad eyes.


And here are the heads attached to their respective bodies!


If you look closely you can see that this is different to the previous picture, since there are no more gappy gaps! For all major purposes, the main construction is now done!

Taking a closer look at Unight 00, this model is going to be used for more ranged builds on Knight, hence a more withdrawn stance. I do need to make the hand and weapon options for both Unights, but I am still figuring out how to repose the awful splayed Wraithknight hand.

Unit 02’s personality is a lot more hit headed, and so I used that as my excuse to have mine charging into battle! The Styrix is a good fit for this, as well as being a beast in the game (oh yeah, not even based and they’ve been wrecking face!). It also fits nicely that Unight 02 can use 01’s knife that I completely forgot to show off last week!


And there is the happy family of giant mass murder bots in their current state! I thought I’d do a post now, since I am not sure when I will next get a chance to work of them, so they may end up unbased for a little while! I have been playing with the colour schemes for each of them, so I may have something to show for that next time! Thanks for attending Antagonists Anonymous!


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