Thoughts – Traitor Legions

What, is it time for new Chaos Space Marine rules again!? Apparently it is, and I have had a quick read of the book, and I thought I’d give my impressions! This time I want to go more in depth, and really break down some of the big stuff, since this is what we Chaos… Continue reading Thoughts – Traitor Legions

Thoughts – Hobby Fatigue & Future Projects

Since finishing the Warhound, I’ve been at a little bit of loose end with regards to the hobby. I don’t really feel particularly enthused about each of the projects that I’ve been working on, so I guess my question is how do you guys cope with losing momentum? With regards to future plans, there are… Continue reading Thoughts – Hobby Fatigue & Future Projects

Thoughts – Traitor’s Hate

Well this was shockingly inevitable wasn’t it? I picked up Traitor’s Hate yesterday, and after giving it a good read (the rules part at least), and playing a game using it today, I thought I would give my not quite initial impressions on the book us Chaos Marine players have been waiting so long for.… Continue reading Thoughts – Traitor’s Hate

Models and Thoughts – General’s Handbook and Mounted Slaanesh Warbound

Well with a title as snappy as that, I think we should have quite a bit to talk about! We’ll start off with the conversion part shall we? Starting off, if anyone actually follows the Tumblr blog that I plug at the end of each post but neglect, you will have seen the Mantidroth (original… Continue reading Models and Thoughts – General’s Handbook and Mounted Slaanesh Warbound

Thoughts – Age of Sigmar ‘1st Edition’

With the release (finally) of the General’s Handbook tomorrow, I thought I might reflect on what I think about the so called ‘1st edition’ of Age of Sigmar before picking it up, and then afterwards I’ll give my thoughts on that too. Usurprisingly I chose a Chaos army, Khorne Bloodbound, for my AoS force back… Continue reading Thoughts – Age of Sigmar ‘1st Edition’