Model Showcase – True Scale Iron Warriors Part 1

Hiya, I’m back with another conversion. Just a small one this time before I went on holiday that wasn’t as much of a huge commitment as the Warhound! I built up a true scale Dark Apostle in the style of my other true scale Iron Warrior HQ’s. The key to this conversion are the Kataphron… Continue reading Model Showcase – True Scale Iron Warriors Part 1

Project Warhound – Part 2 – Upper Body

I’ve done a fair bit more work on the Warhound, so brace yourselves, the tsunami of pictures is coming! First up were the ‘arms’. Or cannons. Or whatever the things on the side of the Warhound are, but I’m going with weapons. I opted to make a Plasma Blastgun and a Turbolaser, but obviously they… Continue reading Project Warhound – Part 2 – Upper Body

Project Warhound – Part 1 – Lower Body

When I said I would be back with a special project, I wasn’t lying! I’ve always had a fascination with Warhound kit bashes, mostly because they are all so radically different! I love the different variations on the Warhound shape that comes with converting, and now I’m going to be throwing my idea for a… Continue reading Project Warhound – Part 1 – Lower Body

Review -Silver Tower Models

I have another review for you guys (conversion posts coming up soon, I promise!), this time the much more recent Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower box. I didn’t really have any plans to pick this up, but I’m building and painting it for a friend, so why not share my thoughts with the world whilst I’m… Continue reading Review -Silver Tower Models

Painted – Renegade Command Conversions

Hello again, I’m back with another finished hobby project! This time I wanted to fill a hole in my Renegades, an actual Arch-Demagogue model, since up until now I’ve been using my Dark Skittarii/Veteran sergeant. So I decided that I wanted to model my Demagogue to represent an Ordnance Tyrant, since that is the one… Continue reading Painted – Renegade Command Conversions

Painted – Renegade Heavy Weapons Teams

Goods news everyone, I have just finished my first hobby project since starting this blog, some Renegade heavy weapons teams! First are a couple of pictures while the bases were still drying. After superglue-ing some rocks onto each base, I use PVA coated in sand, and then another layer of watered down PVA to really… Continue reading Painted – Renegade Heavy Weapons Teams