Model Showcase – MG Gelgoog (Char Version)

Whataddo everyone! I may have promised fresh conversions, however in a shocking turn of events I have actually started painted said conversions, so I though I’d hold off showing them until they are finished. In the mean time, I recently finished yet another Master Grade Gundam model kit, this time the Gelgoog (yes that really… Continue reading Model Showcase – MG Gelgoog (Char Version)

Model Showcase – Getting Better Grades (of Gundams)

Woah, we’re going a little old-school with a mid-week post today, but with Sunday being some sort of important event, I thought I’d show you guys the Mast Grade model kits I’ve been working on recently! First up is the Master Grade Zaku Mk 2 2.0 (rolls of the tongue…), which although wasn’t the first… Continue reading Model Showcase – Getting Better Grades (of Gundams)