Project Eva – Part 5 – Unights 00 and 02 Painted!

“Hey, that’s a pretty nice routine you’ve gotten into right there.” “Oh hi life, yeah working on a little of this project at a time has worked out quite nicely!” “That’s cool. It would be a shame if…” “No.” “…something…” “Please.” “…happened…” “Don’t do this.” “…to it.” “You bastard.” What is up, and yeah one… Continue reading Project Eva – Part 5 – Unights 00 and 02 Painted!

Model Showcase – Sergeant Justice!

So in the show Mobile Suit Gundam Doubl… wait a minute, we aren’t talking about Gundam this week! Praise the Dark Gods, for it is a Christmas miracle! The occasion needed to drag my slacking ass back into 40k was a friend’s birthday, and although I know he would have been happy with anything Space… Continue reading Model Showcase – Sergeant Justice!

Model Showcase – Doom Scythe Duo

What up? So as I hinted at last week, I was going to make another Doom Scythe Gundam conversion thing, and indeed I have! Those of you who did your homework will already know that it is based off of the Thunderbolt Gundam, which is an evil piece of work, but for those who didn’t,… Continue reading Model Showcase – Doom Scythe Duo

Army Showcase – Sisters of Battle – Parts 2 – Vehicles

As promised, here is the second installment of my Sisters of Battle coverage, the vehicles! Starting off with the most basic, the humble Immolator, may it rest in peace, is the main transport of the army. Being able to mount a twin linked multi melta or heavy flamer really puts it a cut above the… Continue reading Army Showcase – Sisters of Battle – Parts 2 – Vehicles

Model Showcase – Boons of Chaos

It feels like it has been a long time, but it’s only been a week! I promise I am working on painting some Warhammer models, but until that is finished I will be diving back into my archive and showing you guys my Daemon Princes and Chaos Spawn! The first of all my Princes, I… Continue reading Model Showcase – Boons of Chaos