Project Eva – Part 5 – Unights 00 and 02 Painted!

“Hey, that’s a pretty nice routine you’ve gotten into right there.” “Oh hi life, yeah working on a little of this project at a time has worked out quite nicely!” “That’s cool. It would be a shame if…” “No.” “…something…” “Please.” “…happened…” “Don’t do this.” “…to it.” “You bastard.” What is up, and yeah one… Continue reading Project Eva – Part 5 – Unights 00 and 02 Painted!

Project Eva – Part 4 – Unight 01 Painted

What a do every peoples? Part 4 already! And we’re already painting!? Crazy talk! Last time we left off (before I went on holiday…), Unight 01 had gone a little overboard on its Fury Road cosplay. When I was away I painted the base, and did the bronze mechanics, because doing what you would be… Continue reading Project Eva – Part 4 – Unight 01 Painted

Project Eva – Part 2 – Unit 00 & Unit 02

I know what you’re thinking. There is no way that in a week I have built two more Unights, but that is where you’re wrong! Introducing, batch building titanic models! Remember how the first time around, I spent a good few days figuring out exactly how Unit 01 was going to fit together? Well now… Continue reading Project Eva – Part 2 – Unit 00 & Unit 02

Project Eva – Part 1 – Here we go again…

What has it been, like four months since the last time I did anything 40k? Oh wait, I forgot, I did that one model for a friend, so I guess this is hardly a groundbreaking event then. Well, I guess I should introduce my new army and project: Project Eva! As alluded to at the… Continue reading Project Eva – Part 1 – Here we go again…

Model Showcase – Sergeant Justice!

So in the show Mobile Suit Gundam Doubl… wait a minute, we aren’t talking about Gundam this week! Praise the Dark Gods, for it is a Christmas miracle! The occasion needed to drag my slacking ass back into 40k was a friend’s birthday, and although I know he would have been happy with anything Space… Continue reading Model Showcase – Sergeant Justice!

Model Showcase – Finished Doom Scythes!

Well hello there. It certainly has been a while, hasn’t it? I hope you aren’t too offended by this, but you really are the only one that I want to share this with, so sit back and don’t be afraid of staring at my pair of PAINTED DOOM SCYTHES. Control your erections, for its about… Continue reading Model Showcase – Finished Doom Scythes!

Model Showcase – Doom Scythe Duo

What up? So as I hinted at last week, I was going to make another Doom Scythe Gundam conversion thing, and indeed I have! Those of you who did your homework will already know that it is based off of the Thunderbolt Gundam, which is an evil piece of work, but for those who didn’t,… Continue reading Model Showcase – Doom Scythe Duo