Model Showcase – HG Grimgerde

I would promise to not make this fortnightly post thing a thing, but at the moment like is busy practicing it’s curve ball throw, so, alas, I cannot. But, that does mean that gives me more time to work of things in the meantime, so let’s dive into that latest finished kit of mine, the… Continue reading Model Showcase – HG Grimgerde

Model Showcase – HG Schwalbe Graze

Happy 8th edition release weekend everyone! To celebrate, I thought we would do something different, and take a look at the most recent symptom of my unhealthy gunpla addiction. I know, exciting, right? This time it’s the Schwalbe Graze, who you may remember as being the proud owner of the unpronounceable gleipnir!   Snapped together… Continue reading Model Showcase – HG Schwalbe Graze

Model Showcase – HG Barbatos

What up dogs? So last weekend I was absolutely rammed, going to MCM on Friday, Warhammer World on Saturday, and Guildford on Sunday, I was like some kind of nerd superstar travelling up and down the country, so naturally I didn’t have time to do a post. However, we are fixing that today, with a… Continue reading Model Showcase – HG Barbatos

Thoughts – Traitor Legions

What, is it time for new Chaos Space Marine rules again!? Apparently it is, and I have had a quick read of the book, and I thought I’d give my impressions! This time I want to go more in depth, and really break down some of the big stuff, since this is what we Chaos… Continue reading Thoughts – Traitor Legions

Model Showcase – Boons of Chaos

It feels like it has been a long time, but it’s only been a week! I promise I am working on painting some Warhammer models, but until that is finished I will be diving back into my archive and showing you guys my Daemon Princes and Chaos Spawn! The first of all my Princes, I… Continue reading Model Showcase – Boons of Chaos

Project Warhound – Part 7 – Finished!

No you did not read that title wrong, I am finally done with my Chaos Warhound! Wasting no time, let’s dive straight into the final work in progress pictures! I thought I would take some pictures of how I do my painted on trim, since lots of people have complimented me on how genuine it… Continue reading Project Warhound – Part 7 – Finished!

Project Warhound – Part 6 – Painting the Legs

What’s this? Two Warhound posts in a week (just)? Do not pinch yourself, dear reader, for it is true! In all honesty I am as shocked as you are, since I was not anticipating to have made as much progress painting the Warhound as I have! First off, the entire model was sprayed black as… Continue reading Project Warhound – Part 6 – Painting the Legs