Project Eva – Part 3 – Colour-nundrum

You guys like that pun? Oh yeah I bet you do, nasty pun lovers. What? And this post is about the paint scheme for my Knights I guess. Awhile back I was given a trio of the oldschool push fit marines (Do they still make them?), and I thought why not use them for colour… Continue reading Project Eva – Part 3 – Colour-nundrum

Project Eva – Part 2 – Unit 00 & Unit 02

I know what you’re thinking. There is no way that in a week I have built two more Unights, but that is where you’re wrong! Introducing, batch building titanic models! Remember how the first time around, I spent a good few days figuring out exactly how Unit 01 was going to fit together? Well now… Continue reading Project Eva – Part 2 – Unit 00 & Unit 02

Model Showcase – 1/100 Kampfer Kai

Just when you thought that I had gotten out of the habit of posting on Sundays, I reveal my trickery and unveil yet another non-40k model kit, perfectly capitalising on the 8th ed sort of anti hype. Today it’s the Kampfer Kai, which I can’t technically refer to as a master grade, since is a… Continue reading Model Showcase – 1/100 Kampfer Kai

Model Showcase – Top 5 of 2016

After a tiny break (of like 2 weeks…), I’m back! And after seeing all sorts of ‘Top X of 2016’, I thought I’d ease myself back into things with the 5 (Warhammer) models I built during last year! I’m excluding Gunpla because I’m 90% certain that at least the top 3 spots would go to… Continue reading Model Showcase – Top 5 of 2016

Army Showcase – Sisters of Battle – Parts 2 – Vehicles

As promised, here is the second installment of my Sisters of Battle coverage, the vehicles! Starting off with the most basic, the humble Immolator, may it rest in peace, is the main transport of the army. Being able to mount a twin linked multi melta or heavy flamer really puts it a cut above the… Continue reading Army Showcase – Sisters of Battle – Parts 2 – Vehicles

Army Showcase – Sisters of Battle – Part 1 – Infantry

What with all the Sisters of Silence hype going on recently, I thought it would be apt to did out my Sisters of Battle, the Order of the Repentant Soul (totally not because I’m using them for a game tonight or anything). I made them about two years ago, and I converted all of them… Continue reading Army Showcase – Sisters of Battle – Part 1 – Infantry

Painted – Gorebeast Chariots

Happy Halloween everyone! And to celebrate, here is something really scary: I finished an army! Here is the pair of them together. Although I like how chariots look, I left them till last since I find the number of different things on a chariot a pain in the backside. However, I got them done really… Continue reading Painted – Gorebeast Chariots