Project Eva – Part 5 – Unights 00 and 02 Painted!

“Hey, that’s a pretty nice routine you’ve gotten into right there.” “Oh hi life, yeah working on a little of this project at a time has worked out quite nicely!” “That’s cool. It would be a shame if…” “No.” “…something…” “Please.” “…happened…” “Don’t do this.” “…to it.” “You bastard.” What is up, and yeah one… Continue reading Project Eva – Part 5 – Unights 00 and 02 Painted!

Project Eva – Part 4 – Unight 01 Painted

What a do every peoples? Part 4 already! And we’re already painting!? Crazy talk! Last time we left off (before I went on holiday…), Unight 01 had gone a little overboard on its Fury Road cosplay. When I was away I painted the base, and did the bronze mechanics, because doing what you would be… Continue reading Project Eva – Part 4 – Unight 01 Painted

Model Showcase – HG Barbatos

What up dogs? So last weekend I was absolutely rammed, going to MCM on Friday, Warhammer World on Saturday, and Guildford on Sunday, I was like some kind of nerd superstar travelling up and down the country, so naturally I didn’t have time to do a post. However, we are fixing that today, with a… Continue reading Model Showcase – HG Barbatos

Model Showcase – MG Sinanju (OVA Version)

Go onto any gunpla forum, and sooner or later you’ll find a thread about the ‘best kit evar’ (a is optional), and like clockwork, one kit in particular will always get mentioned, with seemingly everyone spouting a seemingly endless amount of praise onto it. That kit is the Master Grade Sinanju, and today I am… Continue reading Model Showcase – MG Sinanju (OVA Version)

Model Showcase – Pilot Party and SD Sinanju

Unfortunately I only have a little post lined up for today, but fortunately that is a pun on two levels, and you didn’t even know it! First up on our tiny agenda is another batch of pilot figures for my various master grades, ranging from ones I built months ago but haven’t gotten around to… Continue reading Model Showcase – Pilot Party and SD Sinanju

Model Showcase – 1/100 Kampfer Kai

Just when you thought that I had gotten out of the habit of posting on Sundays, I reveal my trickery and unveil yet another non-40k model kit, perfectly capitalising on the 8th ed sort of anti hype. Today it’s the Kampfer Kai, which I can’t technically refer to as a master grade, since is a… Continue reading Model Showcase – 1/100 Kampfer Kai

Model Showcase – MG GP01

I know that from the ending of the last blog post it may have looked like I was going to be working on the MG Gundam Thunderbolt, but I am nothing if not unpredictable, and I have instead built and weathered the Master Grade Rx-78GP01, but his friends call him GP01. As per usual, here… Continue reading Model Showcase – MG GP01