Project Eva – Part 1 – Here we go again…

What has it been, like four months since the last time I did anything 40k? Oh wait, I forgot, I did that one model for a friend, so I guess this is hardly a groundbreaking event then. Well, I guess I should introduce my new army and project: Project Eva! As alluded to at the… Continue reading Project Eva – Part 1 – Here we go again…

Thoughts – Hobby Fatigue & Future Projects

Since finishing the Warhound, I’ve been at a little bit of loose end with regards to the hobby. I don’t really feel particularly enthused about each of the projects that I’ve been working on, so I guess my question is how do you guys cope with losing momentum? With regards to future plans, there are… Continue reading Thoughts – Hobby Fatigue & Future Projects

Project Warhound – Part 7 – Finished!

No you did not read that title wrong, I am finally done with my Chaos Warhound! Wasting no time, let’s dive straight into the final work in progress pictures! I thought I would take some pictures of how I do my painted on trim, since lots of people have complimented me on how genuine it… Continue reading Project Warhound – Part 7 – Finished!

Project Warhound – Part 6 – Painting the Legs

What’s this? Two Warhound posts in a week (just)? Do not pinch yourself, dear reader, for it is true! In all honesty I am as shocked as you are, since I was not anticipating to have made as much progress painting the Warhound as I have! First off, the entire model was sprayed black as… Continue reading Project Warhound – Part 6 – Painting the Legs

Project Warhound – Part 4 – Gubbins!

I could have sworn that I was on like part 5 or 6, but whatever, we have another installment in the thrilling Project Warhound franchise! And to mark the two month mark of how long I’ve been working on this damn thing, it’s sort of nearly built, maybe? Straight into it, here is the new… Continue reading Project Warhound – Part 4 – Gubbins!