Model Showcase – Sergeant Justice!

So in the show Mobile Suit Gundam Doubl… wait a minute, we aren’t talking about Gundam this week! Praise the Dark Gods, for it is a Christmas miracle! The occasion needed to drag my slacking ass back into 40k was a friend’s birthday, and although I know he would have been happy with anything Space… Continue reading Model Showcase – Sergeant Justice!

Model Showcase – Top 5 of 2016

After a tiny break (of like 2 weeks…), I’m back! And after seeing all sorts of ‘Top X of 2016’, I thought I’d ease myself back into things with the 5 (Warhammer) models I built during last year! I’m excluding Gunpla because I’m 90% certain that at least the top 3 spots would go to… Continue reading Model Showcase – Top 5 of 2016

Thoughts – Traitor Legions

What, is it time for new Chaos Space Marine rules again!? Apparently it is, and I have had a quick read of the book, and I thought I’d give my impressions! This time I want to go more in depth, and really break down some of the big stuff, since this is what we Chaos… Continue reading Thoughts – Traitor Legions

Thoughts – Hobby Fatigue & Future Projects

Since finishing the Warhound, I’ve been at a little bit of loose end with regards to the hobby. I don’t really feel particularly enthused about each of the projects that I’ve been working on, so I guess my question is how do you guys cope with losing momentum? With regards to future plans, there are… Continue reading Thoughts – Hobby Fatigue & Future Projects

Model Showcase – Boons of Chaos

It feels like it has been a long time, but it’s only been a week! I promise I am working on painting some Warhammer models, but until that is finished I will be diving back into my archive and showing you guys my Daemon Princes and Chaos Spawn! The first of all my Princes, I… Continue reading Model Showcase – Boons of Chaos

Project Warhound – Part 7 – Finished!

No you did not read that title wrong, I am finally done with my Chaos Warhound! Wasting no time, let’s dive straight into the final work in progress pictures! I thought I would take some pictures of how I do my painted on trim, since lots of people have complimented me on how genuine it… Continue reading Project Warhound – Part 7 – Finished!

Model Showcase – Blood Slaughterer Conversion

Today I have a short little post about a conversion I showed in my Traitor’s Hate thoughts, so without further adieu here is my Blood Slaughterer conversion! This is one of those weird situations where I kinda like the Forgeworld model, but the little details of it turn me off a little. I don’t know… Continue reading Model Showcase – Blood Slaughterer Conversion