Model Showcase – HG Grimgerde

I would promise to not make this fortnightly post thing a thing, but at the moment like is busy practicing it’s curve ball throw, so, alas, I cannot. But, that does mean that gives me more time to work of things in the meantime, so let’s dive into that latest finished kit of mine, the… Continue reading Model Showcase – HG Grimgerde

Model Showcase – 1/100 Kampfer Kai

Just when you thought that I had gotten out of the habit of posting on Sundays, I reveal my trickery and unveil yet another non-40k model kit, perfectly capitalising on the 8th ed sort of anti hype. Today it’s the Kampfer Kai, which I can’t technically refer to as a master grade, since is a… Continue reading Model Showcase – 1/100 Kampfer Kai

Army Showcase – Sisters of Battle – Part 1 – Infantry

What with all the Sisters of Silence hype going on recently, I thought it would be apt to did out my Sisters of Battle, the Order of the Repentant Soul (totally not because I’m using them for a game tonight or anything). I made them about two years ago, and I converted all of them… Continue reading Army Showcase – Sisters of Battle – Part 1 – Infantry